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Why Frank Leo and his team of Toronto & GTA realtors are your best bet.

How has Frank Leo become one of the top realtors in Canada and the World? Simple, the ability to garner mass exposure for your home with his guaranteed home selling system. His support staff of Toronto & GTA real estate professionals, and his years of Toronto & GTA home selling experience combine to give you the best value for your Toronto & GTA home. Through these measures, Frank has become Canada’s #1 Individual Remax agent operating in the Greater Toronto Area, for number of units sold.

We say this all the time: your home is your biggest investment. Why wouldn’t you give yourself the opportunity to get the value you deserve? You owe it to the years of hard work you put into your home to hire the top real estate professional in Toronto and the GTA. Here’s how selling with Frank Leo is different.

1. Maximum media exposure

When you sell with Frank, your home is advertised 24/7 until the day it is sold. Your home is advertised on several different mediums reaching out to millions of people living in and around the GTA. These mediums include listings online, social media exposure, radio, newspapers, television, radio, magazines, flyers, and more.

When realtors don’t invest on advertising the properties they are selling, it can prove very costly in the long run when lack of exposure leads to poor results. With the ability to get so many eyeballs on your house, you are opening yourself up to more opportunities, leading to more qualified buyers and potential offers.

2. Frank’s team of professionals

For the price of a single or a part-time Toronto & GTA real estate broker, you are unlocking the selling power of Frank’s entire team of real estate professionals. Working with a single broker can be difficult when their time is divided up working on different tasks.

Frank’s support staff is hard at work making sure your home is gaining attention in the GTA, so more time can be spent negotiating with buyers and maximizing the sale of your home. With a team like Franks, your personal questions and needs will always be given the time and respect they deserve.

3. Frank Leo’s Guaranteed Home Selling System

You may have heard the ads or read the billboards around Toronto. If Frank doesn’t sell your home in Toronto & GTA, he’ll buy it*. Frank’s Guaranteed home selling system is ideal for those looking to make the transition of moving into a new home far easier. The stress of holding onto two properties and failing to sell your home is effectively removed from the equation.

The guarantee of selling your home comes from Frank’s ability to work with you and your home to meet the demands of today’s homebuyers. How is this done? Professional photography and virtual tours, forgetting the ineffective open house approach, home staging consultations, and expert insider advice. A well-presented home that reaches millions of interested buyers has the best chance of standing out.  Read more about the Guaranteed Home Selling System here.

Selling your home without an experienced Toronto & GTA realtor can open the door to many costly mistakes. Read our blog “Sellers: Avoid These Common Selling Mistakes!

*- Certain conditions apply.

4. Frank’s experience and track record of success

Frank’s award winning results speak for themselves. If you’re interested, you can view all of Frank’s accomplishments here. However, the greatest satisfaction comes from removing the stress of selling your home and getting the value you deserve. You can hear from some of the satisfied Toronto home sellers that have worked with Frank here.

With almost 30 years of successfully selling homes in the Toronto & GTA area, Frank knows the real estate market inside and out. All of that valuable experience is applied to the successful sale of your home.

Get One Of The Top Realtors in Canada to sell your home!

It’s time to get rewarded for the work, love, and time you’ve put into your home. Frank Leo is one of the top realtors in Canada and is ready to market your home to the masses. When you sell your home in the Greater Toronto area with Frank Leo, you know you will be getting the best possible value. Book a free home evaluation or contact us here.


5 Signs That You Have Found The Right Toronto Realtor To Sell Your Home

The right real estate agent will alleviate stress and maximize value.

Deciding to sell your home unboxes a whole new world of uncertainty and doubt. Especially since selling your home is something you’ve likely never had to do before. Deciding to sell is easy, but getting the most value for your home is enough to keep most people up at night.

One of the first things you will need to find is a Greater Toronto Area realtor you can trust to bring in qualified buyers to your home. But how do you know the GTA realtor you picked is going to get you the best value? How can you trust they will give you and your home the attention that it deserves?

With some research you can tell the good real estate agents from the poor. Here are a collection of tell-tale signs that you have picked the right real estate agent to sell your home.

1. They provide you with a sense of comfort

You should like to be around your realtor. It’s great if you start off with a great rapport, before you get into the nitty and gritty with them. If you feel you and the realtor won’t get along or you won’t be able to build a good sense of security with them, maybe it’s time to part ways before you spend several days or weeks in the future working together.

2. You feel like you are a priority

When you are stressed out and have questions, your real estate agent owes you answers. If you feel there are significant gaps in responses to your e-mails or your calls are constantly going to voicemail, then it’s not a good working relationship. Maybe the realtor is taking on too many projects, they are inexperienced and don’t know how to communicate bad news, or just don’t value your time as well as they should.

The sale of your Toronto and GTA home is one of the most important things in your life, and the best real estate agents will make you a priority. Look for the successful realtor who also has a support staff working with them.

3. They’re willing to break the bad news

Good real estate agents will be willing to tell you news that you don’t like to hear – even if it’s something that will get in the way of them making an extra dollar. The best ones will present you all the options available and still fight and guide you to help you reach your desired goal.

4. Find out their reputation

Every GTA realtor should have a website with testimonials of clients ranting and raving about their service. It helps to look a little deeper as well and perhaps reach out to some of their former clients as well. You should also be able to easily find out what type of credentials, accomplishments or awards the realtor has achieved and how long they have been in business. Also, a great realtor will also do their part and give back to the community.

5. How is the real estate agent marketing their current listings?

Roughly 90% of homebuyers begin their home hunting with an online search and over 50% of homes purchased in 2016 began with an online search. So how well does your Toronto real estate agent market homes online?

Marketing is probably the most important element in getting your Toronto and GTA home sold for the best price.  There is a cost to providing you with the best exposure.  Its simple, if a buyer is not aware of your property being for sale and what features it has, how can they buy it?  A marketing plan must be all encompassing to reach the largest audience and most buyers possible.  It should include but not be limited to Print (Newspapers, Magazines), Radio, Television, The Internet, Billboards, Network and this must include local, national and international exposure.  This must be ongoing for full time professionals.  With this you will notice a track record of success and negotiating experience that adds tremendously to the value of your agent.

Are you also seeing a lot of your realtors listings being marketed? The only way to ensure your home receives more qualified offers, is if it is being marketed effectively and in as many mediums as possible. If your home is up for sale and you can’t find it online or anywhere else, neither will your potential buyers.

Find The Best Toronto Real Estate Agent

The best Toronto and GTA real estate agents are educated, well experienced, know the Toronto and GTA housing market inside and out, are honest, have an extensive network, are tough negotiators, and are excellent communicators.

There are some of those agents out there, but they can be difficult to find. Hopefully with the advice in this article, you will be able to better sort the good ones from the bad and know when it’s time to consider getting the best realtor for your situation assisting you.

Open Houses Are Ineffective

Now let’s get serious about selling your Toronto and GTA home.

Just like the milkman, the payphone, and ketchup bottles that are not inherently upside down,  open houses are becoming outdated when it comes to marketing your Toronto home. Why are they becoming outdated? They have been proven to simply be ineffective, reaching only a very small audience.

In Toronto and the GTA, we are in a large market. Buyers are more dispersed than ever. The ways in which homes are sold in Toronto and the GTA have changed drastically in recent years. To sell your home effectively, you really need to ask yourself if having an open house is a good way to reach the largest audience and if it is worth wasting time doing.

Frank Leo has become one of the top realtors in Canada operating in the Greater Toronto Area – all without ineffective open houses.

Open Houses are missing the bigger piece of the pie

Open houses attract nosey neighbours and people who happen to be passing by (not necessarily buyers), while you are missing out on the bigger sea of motivated buyers in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. People in your neighbourhood are likely to stop by because it is convenient. Not because they are thinking of buying.  You may be missing out on serious buyers from other areas of Toronto and the GTA who are desperate to get into your area.  In 2014, only a mere 1% of homes were purchased after seeing a yard sign or an open house.

There are far more effective means of finding qualified buyers

As technology and our dependency on it has increased, so has the means in which we market homes. With over 90% of home buyers starting their research online and in print, we need to ask ourselves, why are we still having open houses? Instead, our focus should be more on preparing your home for pictures and the ads online and in print.

Open Houses often don’t bring in the right type of buyer

Real estate agents know that open houses don’t bring in many buyers, just lookers. Many of these “lookers” will just show up to either get an idea of how much their house could sell for, some decorating tips for their own house, or just to kill an afternoon. It can be difficult to truly identify who is serious and who is just browsing.

Many times, open houses are done for the wrong reasons

As we said, many real estate agents know that open houses are ineffective. Sometimes Realtors will hold an open house to simply please their clients and show them that they putting in the work. Other times realtors will use open houses as bait to meet prospective buyers just so they can push other properties for sale or generate leads for their own business. Would you like your home to be used as bait for a realtor or other home sellers gain? That’s another reason why Frank Leo doesn’t believe in ineffective open houses.

How Frank Leo’s Guaranteed Home Selling System Works Without Open Houses

You’ve put years of hard labour into your home. You don’t have time to sit and host multiple open houses to people who may or may not be interested in your home. The Guaranteed Home Selling System gets your home noticed by the thousands of buyers from all over the Greater Toronto Area with 24/7 advertising.

During that process interested buyers are screened and only then will they see your home. When you sell your Toronto and the GTA home with Frank Leo you are entertaining qualified candidates.

If you’d like to sell your Toronto and GTA home and start entertaining qualified buyers, get in touch with Frank Leo and Associates today.

Selling Your GTA Home? Why The Time Is Right

While many GTA homeowners have been ecstatic watching the value of their home rise steadily over the past decade, it’s important to know this historic climb will not last forever. The Toronto real estate market is at the highest it’s ever been, and it is rather unrealistic to expect those numbers to continue growing forever.

Why now is a great time to sell

What’s we are seeing in the GTA market right now is a shift in supply and demand. Some analysts predict that home prices in the GTA are expected to rise by 8 percent in 2017, but there will be significantly fewer homes available on the market.

The current market conditions tell us that we are in the midst of a strong seller’s market. So as a homeowner looking to sell, you are in a prime position to take advantage of the high demand and the low supply. Your house today will have more eyeballs on it and far more qualified offers than in years previous. If you’re a serious about selling, be prepared for a lot of equally motivated buyers.

Currently, the prices of Toronto homes are climbing – there is no doubt about that. But are they going to remain on the climb forever? Many assume so – but they shouldn’t be so certain. One true fact is that the Toronto real estate market has never been higher than it is right now.

How much is my Toronto home worth now?

Finding out the answer to this question alone can be tricky. If you are serious about selling your Toronto and GTA home, it’s important to not base the value of your home solely on the for sale prices in your neighbourhood. A free home evaluation with a trusted Toronto and GTA real estate broker is a great method to see exactly how much value you can get for your home.

It is easy to assume some things however – Toronto home prices are rising. The homes in your area are more than likely selling for significantly more than they were 10 to 20 years ago. Here are a few highlights from the previous year that can help show just how much prices in the GTA have changed drastically in such a short period of time.

2016 Toronto Home Prices Highlights

  • The average 2016 for sale home price in the Toronto region in 2016 was $725,857.
  • Detached homes in the GTA rose over the $1 million mark in March of 2016. Now the average price is around $1.24 million.
  • The average Toronto home price has increased by 21 percent from October 2015 to October 2016.
  • According to the Financial Post, rising Toronto home prices are starting to drive up costs in nearby communities as far as the Niagara Region.
  • “Price growth accelerated throughout 2016 as the supply of listings remained very constrained. Active listings at the end of December were at their lowest point in a decade-and-a-half.” – Jason Mercer, TREB’s Director of Market Analysis.
  • The real estate market kept going up in price and getting hotter in the first quarter of 2017.  The public thought that it would never end, but  April 20th 2017 came. On that day the Ontario government implemented 16 initiatives and policies to slow down the market and it did. Showings are way down, Buyers are no longer placing unconditional offers and are looking to negotiate.
  • Motivated to sell after reading these statistics? It’s much more important now to make sure your property is extensively marketed and expertly negotiated to get the best price than it was before. Your home may not get sold for the most money if it is not professionally marketed and exposed to the market. Get a free home evaluation today and discover how you can get the most for your home.

Selling your Toronto and  GTA home soon? Contact Toronto’s Number One Real Estate Broker

If you want to know truly how much your house is worth and want to get the best price for your investment, contact Frank Leo today. Your home is your biggest investment, so you need to rely on the best real estate broker available.

Frank and his experienced team of realtors know how to attract qualified buyers and how to get you the most value for your home. Plus if he can’t sell it at the agreed upon price, Frank Leo will buy it from you himself. It’s time to take advantage of this market and sell your home for the most money possible.

Contact us for your free home evaluation today.

Let’s get you the best possible return on your investment!

Seller’s Advice – Pricing Strategies for Selling Your Home

For most Canadians, their home is their most important asset. As the population continues to climb and home inventory continues to shrink, the GTA is becoming an even stronger seller’s market. However, it’s important to remember that just because other homes are selling for a higher than average price in your neighbourhood, you’re not guaranteed to hit a home run when you choose to sell. When you’re selling your home, a well thought out and reasonable pricing strategy will help you attract the right buyers, and the right prices.

Settling on a price, in general, can be quite difficult. Too low, and potential buyers could become scared off. Too high and they may just move on to the next listing. Narrowing the price of your home down to a precise range can only be done when a number of different factors are considered. Once you get them figured out, you will have an easier time getting down to a final list price.

1. Pricing Smarter to Make a Crowd

Most buyers aren’t comfortable when they are the only ones interested in a property. When you price your house strategically – not too low –  you have the opportunity to draw in a crowd of interested buyers. Once the buyer’s notice your house has generated a lot of interest, they are more likely to increase their offer. This strategy is more effective and helps Sellers sell their homes more quickly but not compromise on sale price.

2. A Listing Price Optimizable for Search

Buyers searching for the ideal home will also have their own price range in mind. They may enter the market with the desire of not spending more than $400K for example. When they search through listings online, they may be able to filter out any properties that are over their budget. This could lead to a lot more eyes becoming diverted from your listing. Pricing just over a 50K or 100K plateau could have you missing out on a group of potential buyers. Considering that 82% of homebuyers consider online as a helpful tool in buying a home, it can be wise to consider a search-friendly list price.

3. Psychological Pricing

Psychological pricing plays a common role in real estate listings. The base theory, of course being that ninety cents can seem cheaper than one dollar to the consumer. In the real estate world, different prices can be interpreted many different ways.

Take these numbers for example:

$389,000 vs. $369,999

The brain can be easily convinced that the number on the left is cheaper – even though it is nearly nineteen thousand dollars more expensive. This list of featured homes in the GTA will prove that home listings ending in “999” are not common. Rather, listings ending in “900” or “000” are more widely used.

$500,000 vs. $499,900

While they are only $100 apart, both these prices give off very different signals. Pricing at $499,900 can affect the buyer at a subconscious level, telling them that they are getting a good bargain. $500,000, however, has the potential of landing more eyes in search engines as we previously discussed. Both prices have their advantages.


Sometimes homeowners will carefully calculate a perfect number in their heads. The listing can show they are confident in their selling price, however, a listing price such as this tells buyers that you are not willing to do much negotiating. It could also forecast a long and arduous time for buyers attempting to negotiate. Getting too creative with a listing price has more of a potential to ward off potential buyers.

4. Finding the right comparables

It’s easy to look at what your friends house sold for in another neighbourhood, or look at featured homes in your neighbourhood and get ideas of how high your house should go for. However, it’s important to keep in mind that each house is unique. Each has their own character, are fitted with different appliances, and may have been sold in a time where houses were fetching many different prices.

It’s also easy to lose sight of what houses you’re competing with. A listing for an Oakville home is also competing against homes in Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Brampton, and so on. The agent you choose to sell with should know what your home would compare with homes from all the different homes in neighbourhoods across the Greater Toronto Area.

5. Preparing for Any Scenario

.Many sellers can get the idea that the love and care they have put into their home should fetch them well more than the average market price. They very well could depend on which upgrades you have done. However, often listings that are priced more than 10% of the average market price are looked over, and will inevitably be forced to scale back in price. It’s important to manage expectations and prepare for any scenarios that may come.

A good real estate agent will offer their advice and predict a solid range of prices your house should go for. It’s their job to attract the best offers for you, and that comes with experience in knowing the housing market through and through. They know that settling on a listing price is never usually indicative of the selling or final listing price for that matter.

Before you can start settling on a listing price, you need to properly evaluate what your home is worth. That’s where a trusted and respected real estate agent comes in. Frank Leo has helped thousands of people living in the GTA get the best possible price for their home. Contact Frank today and find out just how much value you can get out of your home.