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    When it comes to keeping your lawn healthy and green, one of the most important things you can do is make sure it gets enough water. But knowing how much and how often to water your grass can be tricky.

    There are a few factors that you’ll need to take into account, including the type of grass you have, the climate you live in, and the amount of rainfall you typically get. But in general, there are a few guidelines you can follow to make sure your grass is getting the hydration it needs.

    The best time to water your grass is early in the morning, before the sun gets too hot. This gives the water a chance to soak into the soil and reach the roots of the grass, where it can do the most good.

    You’ll also want to water more frequently in the summer than in the winter, as the hotter temperatures cause the grass to dry out more quickly. And in areas that get a lot of rainfall, you may not need to water your lawn at all – the rain will do the job for you!

    So if you’re wondering when the best time to water your grass is, just remember to take into account the type of grass you have, the climate you live in, and how much rainfall you typically get. With a little trial and error, you’ll soon find the perfect watering schedule for your lawn.

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