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    Real estate in Acton offers potential buyers a chance to live in a quiet, historic town in the Halton Hills, while living in proximity of larger GTA communities.

    Acton sits about 70kms northwest of Toronto. It’s located between Guelph and Georgetown in the Halton Hills.

    Additionally, Acton is a great place for commuters to call home. It benefits from lots of transit infrastructure. In other words, it’s easy to get from Acton to Toronto.

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    The History of Acton

    The history of Acton begins in the 1820s, when a group of brothers named Adams settled in the area. The Adams were former travelling preachers who established farms in the area before returning to the preaching circuit.

    The Adams brothers dammed up a local creek and established a mill. The mill pond is now known as Fairy Lake, which sits in the centre of the town.

    During the 1840s, business people began to operate the first tanneries in the town. By the mid-1860s, G. L. Beardmore & Co. bought the largest tannery in the town. The company expanded the operation and built employee housing, tennis courts, a bowling green, a golf course, a boathouse, ran a cooperative store, and an outdoor arena for its employees.

    At the end of the 1860s, Acton entered a prosperous period. Besides the tannery, there were numerous factories, mills, a foundry, and 3 hotels. Additionally, the people of the town produced many products like grain, lumber, cordwood, leather, and hops. In 1869, Acton had a population of 700. 

    The Turn of the Century in Acton

    Acton continued to prosper at the turn of the century. After the Grand Trunk Railway arrived in the town in the 1850s, the businesses in the town grew even larger. In 1908, The GTR built a new station in Acton.

    During the same period, glove manufacturing grew to be one of the staple industries of the town. W. H. Storey & Son Gloveworks became one of the biggest employers in Acton.

    Business people shipped lime, grain, leather, gloves, timber, and livestock on the railway in Acton. By 1910, Acton’s population swelled to 2,000.

    During the 1920s and 30s, Acton became connected to Toronto by the Toronto Suburban Railway Company. As a result, workers and business people were able to easily commute between Acton and the big city.

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    Suburban Development in Acton

    Suburban development in Acton has not been as vigorous as in other parts of the GTA. In other words, the town retains its small-town atmosphere.

    It wasn’t until after the Second World War that suburbs began to appear in Acton. Acton was incorporated as a town in 1950, which helped the municipality organize its development.

    Later, in 1973, Acton, Georgetown, and the surrounding area were incorporated as the Town of Halton Hills. This development allowed these communities to pool their resources as they expanded.

    Acton lost its rail connection to Toronto over the years. Firstly, the Toronto Suburban Railway Company ceased operation in the 1930s. Secondly, CN rail stopped servicing the town in the 1960s. However, in 2013 GO Transit extended commuter train service to Acton. That is to say, Acton is a prime spot for commuters to call home.


    Real estate in Acton is perfect for anyone who wants to live in a small town without sacrificing access to Toronto. Acton benefits from an excellent location. It’s connected to Toronto by both highways and railways.

    Further, the town’s location in the Halton Hills affords its residents the chance to experience many sites of natural beauty. Thanks to the distinctive beauty of the Niagara Escarpment, the countryside that surrounds Acton is full of dynamic landscapes. Acton residents can enjoy these landscapes at some nearby conservation areas such as the Rockwood Conservation Area, the Silver Creek Conservation Area, and the Limehouse Conservation Area.

    Acton features many suburban-style neighbourhoods extending out from the centre of town to the south and the southwest. Living here, residents are only minutes away from Guelph and Georgetown by car. At the same time, they can use public transportation to get to either Toronto or Kitchener. 

    Real Estate in Acton

    Real estate in Acton offers buyers the chance to live in a charming small town. Furthermore, Acton is a great place to live for anyone who wants to live in a small community, without sacrificing proximity to Toronto.

    The most common type of residential real estate in Acton is single-detached houses. This means that residents enjoy lots of privacy in the town. However, residential real estate of all types can be found in Acton.

    What’s more, there are lots of new homes in the town. Developers have built nearly 1,000 houses in the town since 2001. Additionally, the houses in the town are spacious. Most have more than 3 bedrooms.

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    Acton offers plenty of shopping options for its residents to enjoy. Additionally, there are a lot of places to shop in nearby communities.

    The majority of local shops are concentrated on Highway 7 (known locally as Queen Street and Mill Street). On this street, shoppers can find many local businesses, boutiques, and restaurants.

    On top of this, Highway 7 also features the Acton Marketplace, the biggest outdoor shopping centre in the town.

    Further, residents can take a quick drive to a neighbouring community to shop in a larger shopping centre. Both the Stone Road Mall in Guelph and the Georgetown Marketplace in Georgetown are only minutes away from Acton.


    There are many recreation options in Acton. Its residents are never lacking in ways to spend their free time.

    The town offers both indoor and outdoor recreation facilities to its residents.


    The Town of Halton Hills maintains numerous trails and parks in the municipality. There are more than 30kms of trails crisscrossing the town. On top of this, Halton Hills maintains more than 30 parks, spread throughout the municipal area.

    These parks offer a variety of family-friendly activities, including playgrounds, sports fields, skate parks, splash pads, gardens, pavilions and much more.

    The most important park in Acton itself is Prospect Park. It features a picnic pavilion, a splash pad, a ball diamond, tennis courts, and a playground.


    On the other hand, if you’re looking for indoor recreation options, Acton has lots of choices for you.

    Halton Hills manages many recreation facilities throughout the municipality. The most significant of these facilities in Acton is the Acton Arena and Community Centre. This centre features several ice rinks and many meeting spaces.

    Additionally, residents can take advantage of the Acton Lion’s Indoor Pool. The pool features many programs and classes.

    Furthermore, the Gellert Community Centre is only a short drive away in Georgetown.  


    Families will be happy with the number of schools in Acton. There are two school boards operating schools in the town.

    Firstly, the Halton District School Board maintains public elementary and secondary schools in the town.

    Secondly, Catholic schools in Acton are provided by the Halton Catholic District School Board.


    Getting around Acton is a simple affair. Most residents choose to drive their own cars to get around.

    However, Acton also provides its residents with excellent public transit options.


    Residents in Acton typically drive their own cars to get around the town. There are a couple of roadways that make driving a convenient choice.

    Highway 25 is one of these roads. It travels north to south through Acton, where it is known as Main Street. To the south, it provides a road link between Acton, Milton, Highway 401, and Burlington.

    Another important road is Highway 7. This road travels east to west. It connects Acton to Guelph in the west. In the east, it connects the town to Georgetown, Brampton, and the north of the GTA. 


    Residents of Acton don’t need to drive their own cars to get around. The town benefits from really great public transit.

    That is to say, there are both transit trains and buses available in Acton. Halton Hills is currently conducting a study to assess the best way to provide bus services for its residents.

    However, GO Transit provides both bus service and train service to Acton. Residents can catch the GO Train at the Acton Station. The GO Train provides the most efficient link between the town, Toronto, and Kitchener.

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