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    Cambridge is a thriving city that has a lot to offer its residents located in the Waterloo Region.

    Cambridge is about an hour’s drive away from Toronto. This makes it a great town for commuters to call home. At the same time, Waterloo Region connects Cambridge, Waterloo, and Kitchener with road and rail links.

    Cambridge’s proximity to Waterloo and Kitchener means that it is part of a community with a population of more than half a million people. That is to say, that Cambridge offers both the atmosphere of a small town and the convenience of a big city.

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    The History of Cambridge

    Indigenous groups, like the Neutral Nation, called the area that Cambridge now occupies home for millennia prior to the arrival of Europeans.

    The first pioneers in the area called their settlement Galt in 1816. They chose this name in honour of a Scottish novelist named John Galt. John Galt headed the Canada Company, which helped British people settle in Canada.

    During the same period, German Mennonites established the villages of Hespeler and Preston, near Galt. Like Galt, these two villages prospered and industry bloomed there in the 1800s.

    Throughout the 19th century, business people developed the area. In 1869, Galt residents operated several factories, mills, foundries, tanneries, and breweries. The population of the town was 4,000 in that year.

    Meanwhile, nearby Preston was also thriving. The village featured a stop on the Grand Trunk Railroad, ample water power from the Speed and Grand rivers, and many mineral springs that people used for medicinal purposes. In 1869, its population was 1,400.

    Further, Hespeler was the home of a major knitting mill and the largest woollen factory in Ontario. It had a population of 1,200 in 1869.

    The Turn of the Century in Cambridge

    At the turn of the century, the region that Cambridge occupies continued to grow and prosper. Galt, Preston, and Hespeler expanded and the lines between the communities became less distinct.

    During the first half of the 20th century, the population of Galt surged to 9,500. In the town, there were flour, woollen, oatmeal, saw, and planing mills. What’s more, major pin and saw factories operated in the town. Further, an electric railway connected Galt to Hespeler and Preston, as well as Paris, Berlin, and Brantford.

    During the 1910s, Hespeler’s population grew to 2,700. The town was home to several mills, factories, and foundries.

    At the same time, Preston also experienced growth. In 1910, the population was 3,000. It also featured a large amount of industry.

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    Suburban Development in Cambridge

    Cambridge’s suburbs exploded in the years after the Second World War. Between the years 1961 and 1980, developers built more than 12,000 homes in the city. This growth caused the towns of Galt, Preston, and Hespeler to become less independent.

    During the 1970s, the town of councils of these three communities chose to amalgamate into one city. The citizens voted to name the new city Cambridge.

    Cambridge grew into a thriving modern city. The historical communities retained some aspects of their former selves, but the city developed into a cohesive unit.

    At the same time, Cambridge’s neighbours, Kitchener and Waterloo, also grew rapidly. Today, Cambridge is part of the Region of Waterloo. This region is home to more than 600,000 people, a bustling economy, and an exciting local culture. What’s more, it is highly connected to the GTA, Guelph, Hamilton, and Brantford.


    Real estate in Cambridge is a great choice for anyone who wants to live in a smaller community, without sacrificing proximity to Toronto and the GTA.

    The town offers its residents a lot in the way of local culture, business, and natural beauty. Additionally, Cambridge’s residents benefit from excellent transit infrastructure. These road and rail connections to the surrounding community make Cambridge an outstanding choice for commuters.

    Further, the economy of the Region of Waterloo offers its residents many business and employment opportunities. Major employers in the region include Toyota Motor Manufacturing (the largest employer in Cambridge), Manulife Financial, and BlackBerry.

    Moreover, Cambridge is located at the confluence of the Grand and Speed rivers. These rivers enhance the natural beauty of Cambridge’s surrounding countryside. Residents can enjoy this beauty at local conservation areas managed by the Grand River Conservation Authority such as Dumfries Conservation Area, or Shade’s Mill.

    Real Estate in Cambridge

    Real estate in Cambridge is a superb choice for anyone who wants to live in a convenient and quiet community. On top of that, it’s easy to get from Cambridge to the GTA, Hamilton, and the rest of the Waterloo Region.

    The most common type of residential real estate in Cambridge is the single-detached home. This means that the homes are ideal for people who want yards and privacy. On the other hand, Cambridge features residential real estate of all types and plentiful commercial real estate.

    Further, Cambridge has a lot of new homes to offer. That is to say, since the year 2001, developers built more than 10,000 houses in Cambridge.

    What’s more, these houses are spacious. The majority of them have more than 3 bedrooms.

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    Cambridge’s residents enjoy a lot of choices when it comes to shopping. That is to say, there are big box stores, local shops, indoor shopping centres, and outdoor shopping centres.

    Owing to its history of being a combination of historic communities, Cambridge boasts not just one downtown area, but three historic town centres.

    The town centre of Hespeler is located at the intersection of Queen Street and Guelph Road. Hespeler Village features tons of local shops and businesses.

    Similarly, downtown Preston also features many local businesses. It’s centred on King Street.

    The intersection of Main Street and Water Street is the home of downtown Galt. Residents consider this the main downtown area of Cambridge.

    Further, there are many shopping centres in Cambridge. These centres include the Cambridge Centre, which is an indoor shopping centre, and SmartCentres Cambridge, which is an outdoor shopping centre.


    Residents have a lot of choices when it comes to recreation in Cambridge. The city offers both indoor and outdoor recreation options.

    Whether you like to hike, swim, or play a team sport, there are facilities available for you in Cambridge.


    The city of Cambridge maintains more than 365 hectares of parkland. Spread throughout the city, these parks feature amenities like picnic areas, sports fields, and playgrounds.

    Additionally, the city features more than 50 kms of trails. Many of these trails follow the course of the Grand River, which flows through the centre of Cambridge.

    These features make Cambridge a superb place for lovers of the outdoors to live. There are lots of opportunities to spend time along the side of the river.


    At the same time, Cambridge also offers indoor recreation facilities. These facilities offer a lot of programs, classes, and clubs.

    The main facilities in the city are the W. G. Johnson Centre and John Dolson Centre. These facilities feature pools and fully equipped gymnasiums.

    Furthermore, Cambridge also manages many pools. Residents can take swimming lessons or enjoy free swims at these pools.


    Parents will be happy with the numerous schools that are spread throughout Cambridge. There are 2 school boards that operate in Cambridge.

    Firstly, Waterloo Region District School Board manages public elementary and high schools.

    Secondly, Waterloo Catholic District School Board oversees Catholic schools in Cambridge.

    What’s more, there are quite a few post-secondary institutions in the area. Both the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University call Waterloo Region home. Additionally, Conestoga College main campus isn’t far from Cambridge.


    Residents of Cambridge enjoy excellent access to convenient transportation infrastructure. They can either get around using their own cars or using public transportation.

    Both road and rail link Cambridge to its neighbouring communities.


    The most popular way of getting around Cambridge is to drive your own car. There are a few major roads in the city.

    Firstly, Highway 8 (known locally as Dundas Street) cuts diagonally through the city, travelling to the northwest. In the southwest, the highway links Cambridge to Hamilton. It is also the main road connection to Kitchener and Waterloo.

    Secondly, Highway 24 (known locally as Hespeler Road and Water Street) travels north to south through Cambridge. It is the main road link between the city and Guelph.

    Finally, Highway 401 travels east to west on the north edge of the city. It is the largest highway in the area and connects Cambridge to the GTA.


    On the other hand, if residents choose to not drive their own car, Cambridge also offers plenty of public transportation options.

    Grand River Transit provides bus service throughout Cambridge. This includes an express bus service that links the city to Kitchener. Light rail service links Waterloo and Kitchener.

    Additionally, GO Transit provides bus service to the city. GO buses link Cambridge to Milton, Guelph, and Kitchener. Commuters can catch GO trains at these destinations.

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