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    Hamilton has something to offer everyone, especially prospective homeowners seeking a place to settle down near the GTA. Industry, business, and natural beauty all come together in Hamilton.

    Despite its reputation as an industrial town, Hamilton offers its residents access to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Ontario. The Niagara Escarpment provides the city with many sightly lookouts, hiking trails, and waterfalls.

    Additionally, Hamilton is an excellent place for people who want to commute into the GTA. The city is highly connected to Toronto and the GTA via highways and railways.

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    The History of Hamilton

    Indigenous groups lived in the area long before Europeans did. The Neutral Nation inhabited the first village situated at the site. The Huron called the village Attiwandaronk.

    During the 17th century, early French fur traders and explorers like Samuel de Champlain and Étienne Brulé were the first Europeans to visit the area. Later, Iroquois and Ojibwe people inhabited the area.

    In the following century, the British gained control of the area. During the 1790s, authorities wanted to attract Loyalist settlers to Ontario. To accomplish this, the British purchased a large tract of land from the Ojibwe.

    Subsequently, George Hamilton purchased a house and more than 600 acres in the area. George was a well-connected businessman, who was a veteran of the War of 1812 and the son of a politician. Hamilton quickly laid out a town and sold parcels of land to newcomers.

    The town soon became an important port on Lake Ontario.

    The Turn of the Century in Hamilton

    Hamilton’s location made it an ideal transportation hub. Its harbour was ideal for shipping. Industrialists improved Burlington Bay by building two canals. Firstly, a canal went through Burlington Beach, making the bay accessible to schooners. Secondly, the Desjardins Canal provided a water connection to Dundas from Hamilton and Burlington Bay.

    On top of this, Hamilton became a centre for railroads. By the end of the 19th century, 7 railways passed through the city. These rail lines connected the city to every part of Ontario.

    Because of its excellent transportation infrastructure, business people found it the ideal site to establish their facilities. By the end of the 1800s, there were factories, warehouses, and mills in the city.

    This industrial wealth attracted numerous workers. The city’s population swelled. By 1869, it was the second-biggest city in Ontario. More than 20,000 people lived in the city in that year.

    The city continued to grow and by 1911 more than 50,000 people lived in the city.

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    Suburban Development in Hamilton

    The city’s industrial facilities continued to be the most important employers. But the arrival of McMaster University in the 1930s diversified the types of jobs in the city.

    After the Second World War, steel production became the biggest industry in the city. By the 1960s, there were several steel mills operating. As a result, workers flooded into the city and took well-paying jobs in these facilities.

    Consequently, housing developers built many new suburban subdivisions in the area. Between 1961 and 1980, builders constructed more than 60,000 houses in the city.

    The increased development necessitated the amalgamation of several communities. To this end, the city amalgamated with several neighbouring communities, becoming the modern City of Hamilton in 2001.


    Hamilton offers a unique blend of opportunity, community, and natural beauty. It’s a city that is a great choice for people who want to live in a tight-knit community that has excellent access to Toronto and the rest of the GTA.

    Hamilton’s location on the Niagara Escarpment provides the city with some of the most gorgeous parks in Ontario. The geography of the Escapement provides the city with more than 20 waterfalls.

    These factors have made the city a highly attractive place to live. The population has grown to more than 500,000 people.

    The population is also very diverse. There are large communities of South Asian, Chinese, Black, and Arab Canadians in the city.

    Real Estate in Hamilton

    Real estate in Hamilton is highly enticing for anyone who wants to live close to Toronto but wants to live in a smaller, friendly city.

    There is a wide variety of residential real estate types in the city. Whether you want to find high-density real estate like condos, semi-attached or fully attached like row houses, or fully detached homes, Hamilton has plenty of options.

    The majority of real estate in Hamilton is very spacious and perfect for families. The majority of the houses in the city have three or more bedrooms.

    Additionally, developers have built more than 30,000 houses in the city since 2001. That is to say, it’s easy to find newer houses in Hamilton.

    Reach out to Frank Leo & Associates to learn more about buying or selling real estate in Hamilton. We will work hard to ensure that you achieve your real estate goals.


    Hamilton is rife with every type of shopping that you could want. There are many indoor shopping malls, outdoor shopping centres, and a thriving downtown core that will meet any shopping needs.

    One of the most attractive aspects of Hamilton is the fact that it has a unique and vibrant local culture. Shoppers looking to experience the products of this culture will love the downtown core. Here, shoppers will find local businesses, restaurants, and boutiques.

    Indoor malls in the city include Eastgate Square, Hamilton City Centre Mall, and CF Limeridge Centre.

    There are also many outdoor shopping centres. Some of these include South Hamilton Square, The Centre on Barton, SmartCentres Stoney Creek.


    Residents of Hamilton are spoiled for riches when it comes to recreation options. The city maintains a wide array of services for them to enjoy.

    Residents can spend time at city recreation centres, indoor and outdoor pools, arenas, clubs, parks, and sports fields.


    The Niagara Escarpment provides the city with ample space for parks. There are more than 3,000 acres of parks in the city.

    These parks are full of amenities like playgrounds, splash pads, and sports fields. Additionally, the Niagara Escapement provides beautiful lookouts to many of these parks.

    What’s more, there are a lot of really excellent trails in the city. These trails are great for both the serious hiker and people just looking to enjoy a leisurely stroll outside. Hikers can connect to long-distance trails like the Bruce Trail and the Trans Canada Trail in the city.

    There are also many beaches and waterfalls that residents can enjoy.


    Hamilton also runs many recreation centres in the city. Residents are offered a range of amenities and services at these centres. This means that residents can take classes, join clubs, work out, and play sports at recreation centres.

    There are more than 20 recreation centres in the city. They are spread out throughout the neighbourhoods. In other words, no matter where you live in Hamilton, you will have a recreation centre nearby.

    Some of the biggest recreation centres are:

    • The Bernie Morrelli Recreation Centre
    • The Stoney Creek Recreation Centre
    • The Westmount Recreation Centre
    • The Huntington Park Recreation Centre


    Families in Hamilton have a lot of choices when it comes to sending their kids to school. There are several school boards operating in the city.

    Firstly, there are two English language school boards. The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board runs public schools. Meanwhile, the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board maintains Catholic schools.

    Secondly, Conseil Scolaire Viamonde manages French language schools in the city. At the same time, Conseil Scolaire Catholique MonAvenir is in charge of French Catholic schools.

    Additionally, McMaster University and Mohawk College provide post-secondary education options.


    It’s simple to travel around the city and to get in and out of town.

    Hamilton is an inviting place for commuters, since it’s connected to its neighbours by both highways and railways. That is to say, it’s easy to get around Hamilton whether you want to drive your own car or take public transit.


    Driving your own car is the most popular way to get around town. The city is highly connected to a couple of 400 series highways, which makes driving a simple and non-stressful choice.

    Highway 403 is one of the major connections between the north of Hamilton and the rest of Ontario. To the north, the 403 connects Hamilton to Toronto and the GTA. To the west, it links Brantford and Hamilton.

    Meanwhile, the QEW connects Hamilton to Toronto and the GTA in the north. Travelling southeast, the QEW connects Hamilton to St. Catharines and Niagara Falls.

    In town, Highway 8 is one of the most important roadways. It’s known locally as Main Street. Hamilton’s downtown is centred on this street.

    Additionally, the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway links Highway 403 to the QEW, travelling around the southern edge of the city.


    At the same time, commuters can choose not to drive their own cars. There are ample public transportation options available in the city.

    In town, Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) provides bus service throughout the city.

    Additionally, GO Transit connects Hamilton to Toronto and the GTA. GO trains arrive in Hamilton at the Hamilton GO Centre, making commuting in and out of the GTA easy.

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