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    Real estate in Kitchener offers prospective buyers the chance to invest in property in one of the most up-and-coming cities in Southwestern Ontario.

    Kitchener is one of the communities in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. Kitchener is the largest community in the municipality with more than half of the municipality’s population calling Kitchener home.

    Kitchener has a char, that is bounded by the Grand River on the south. It’s a city filled with culture and the excitement of a large city. Yet, at the same time, it also maintains the delightful atmosphere of a small town.

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    The History of Kitchener

    Kitchener’s history began with the settlement of Native American people in the area. Archaeological evidence suggests that Iroquoian people first settled in the area in the 1500s. These early people were the forefathers of the Neutral Nation.

    In 1784, the British purchased the land from Native Americans as part of the Haldimand Tract. The British granted this large tract of land to the Six Nations as a reward for this aboriginal group’s support during the American Revolution.

    In 1798, Richard Beasley purchased a section of the Six Nation’s land from them. A few years later, he sold the land to a group of Mennonites from Pennsylvania in order to settle some of his debts.

    The Mennonite families mainly were ethnically German. Consequently, they spoke German and had family connections to German communities in Europe. As a result, the area was soon full of German-speaking people, and the main settlement was named Berlin.

    The Turn of the Century in Kitchener

    In 1846, Berlin had a population of about 400 German-Canadians. Many more lived in the surrounding Waterloo County.

    The community continued to grow and retained its German population. By 1910, Berlin’s population was 12,151. At that time, industry blossomed in the town. It had several manufacturers of furniture and buttons, tanneries, and other industries.

    Later, at the outbreak of the First World War, the German aspect of the town became a major controversy. During the war, the Germans were the opponents of the Canadians. As a result, the Canadian population felt suspicious of the German-Canadians in Berlin.

    Consequently, the citizens of Berlin felt a need to assert their patriotism. In order to do this, the residents of Berlin held a referendum to rename the city. Because of this, the city adopted the name Kitchener in 1916 as a patriotic gesture. The name was derived from Lord Kitchener, who died in the war.

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    Suburban Development in Kitchener

    During the years after the Second World War, Kitchener saw a lot of growth. The city began to expand to the north and south.

    At the same time, the neighbouring communities of Waterloo and Cambridge also began to develop new suburban subdivisions. As a result, the edges of the three cities grew to touch each other.

    The proximity of the three towns necessitated the creation of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo in 1973. Because of its near neighbours, Kitchener enjoys access to a population base that is twice the size of its own.

    Additionally, GO Transit extended its passenger train service to Kitchener in 2011. This provided a direct rail link between Kitchener and Toronto. Because of this transit link, Kitchener became an ideal spot for commuters to call home.


    Kitchener is a big city with small town charm. Whether you want to explore historic buildings or enjoy an evening out, Kitchener has it all for everyone! The city offers both the quiet, laid back atmosphere of a small town, while also providing all the amenities and culture that big cities have.

    The short commute to Toronto, plus the surrounding communities of the Municipality of Waterloo, make Kitchener a great place to live and work.

    Additionally, Kitchener is chocked full of parks and green spaces. Meanwhile, Kitchener also offers its residents access to excellent educational institutions. These features make Kitchener perfect for families and lovers of the outdoors.

    Further, residents of Kitchener enjoy exciting festivals and annual events. For example, Kitchener is famous for its Oktoberfest.

    Real Estate in Kitchener

    Kitchener offers a variety of types of real estate. There are both low density and high density real estate options.

    The real estate in the area features many new homes. That is to say, developers built more than 45,000 houses in the Kitchener area.

    Furthermore, the real estate in Kitchener features a lot of homes that have more than 3 bedrooms. This makes them great for growing families.

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    When it comes to shopping, Kitchener offers a lot of choices. There are many venues that range from suburban outdoor shopping centres, indoor shopping malls, to a vibrant downtown core.

    Shoppers looking for a big-box shopping experience will love the city’s many outdoor shopping centres. For example, The Sunrise Shopping Centre features many big-box vendors.

    Alternatively, shoppers who want to shop in indoor malls will also be pleased with Kitchener’s offerings. One of the most important indoor shopping venues in the city is the Fairview Park Mall, which features more than 100 stores.

    If you’re a shopper who is looking for a more unique, local shopping experience, then you will want to check out downtown Kitchener. There are many local shops, services, and restaurants in the area. One notable shopping venue in the area is the Kitchener Market, where local vendors sell produce and products.


    Kitchener’s residents have plenty of choices when it comes to recreation. For example, the city maintains several recreation centres for its residents to enjoy.

    Additionally, there is a large park system in the city. This system provides many opportunities for outdoor recreation.


    Kitchener is a city that is rich with parks and natural areas. Residents can enjoy playgrounds, sports facilities, pools, and picnic areas in these parks.

    Fitness enthusiasts will love the outdoor fitness options that the city maintains. These amenities range from outdoor pools, sports courts, and skate parks.

    Moreover, the city maintains more than 120kms of trails. These trails allow residents to explore the city on foot or by bike.



    Kitchener runs 12 community centres. These centres contain amenities for fitness and exercise, as well as other activities.

    The facilities provide the opportunity for residents to sign up for classes, lessons, and camps. They also provide these services geared to children and senior citizens.

    Residents can enjoy the gymnasiums, meeting rooms, fitness centres, skating rinks, and indoor swimming pools that these centres provide.


    Families will be happy with the schools available in the Kitchener area. There are two main school boards operating in the town.

    First, the Waterloo Region District School Board runs public schools in Kitchener.

    Second, the Waterloo Catholic District School Board manages Catholic schools in the town.

    Additionally, Kitchener has two universities on its doorstep. Both the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University are a short distance away. These universities call Kitchener’s twin city, Waterloo, home.


    Residents find that it’s not difficult to get around the city. Kitchener benefits from really great road infrastructure. This means that driving your own car is simple and convenient.

    At the same time, Kitchener makes it easy to travel around town using public transit. Residents can even travel outside the city using transit.


    Using your own car to get around is the most popular way of travelling around the city.

    Three of the most important roadways in the town are Highway 7, Highway 8, and Highway 401.

    Highway 7 is one of the main roadways in the eastern part of Kitchener. It travels out of town and provides Kitchener with a link to Guelph.

    Highway 8 is the most important road in the west of Kitchener. It connects the city to Stratford in the west. Highway 8 also travels to the south and connects Kitchener to Highway 401, via Cambridge.

    Highway 401 travels along the southern edge of the city. It’s the most convenient road link with Toronto.


    Grand River Transit provides the city with bus service. It also provides the city with light rail rapid transit. These transit options make it possible to get around town without relying on your car.

    Additionally, GO Transit provides rail service to Kitchener. This means that commuters can get into Toronto without using their own car.

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