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    The Fibonacci House in Proctor, British Colombia is Canada’s first 3D printed home that features spectacular views of nearby mountains. It is a tiny home that is a one-of-a-kind vacation rental. The shape of the home follows a spiral structure with curved walls which were inspired by the Fibonacci mathematical sequence.

    The process used is known as additive manufacturing, it is when an object is built using layers of materials as directed by a digital design. While 3D printing of houses is still in the early phases, advocates say the technology can help build future houses quicker, cheaper, and with more uniqueness. Also, there would not be a need for skilled workers to construct the entire house.

    Ian Comishin, the President of Twente Additive Manufacturing is the company that listed the house of Airbnb. He explains “So now, architectural features that are exiting or adding aesthetics can be done virtually no cost comparison,” The walls of the Fibonacci home were constructed off-site in 11 days, and then sent to the site to be assembled by workers.

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