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    As theatres began to reopen in 2021, long-delayed movie franchises took the opportunity to release their thrilling films. From Marvel superheroes to Mohawk warriors and musicals, these new films really lit up the screen this year. Eli Gasner from CBC News shares her pricks for the 21 best films in 2021. 

    The first film on Gasners’ list is Dune as it brought fulfillment to the journey that started many years ago. The director, Denis Villeneuve fell in love with Frank Herbert’s novels, and Dune had always been his goal. However, he waited to improve his directing skills with movies like Arrival and Blade Runner 2049. Some Dune recommends watching it multiple times to reveal its secrets. 

    Number two on the list is Beans, which is about Mohawk director Tracey Deer, who lived through the Oka Crisis. It demonstrates the pain and trauma she experienced and transmuted it into a stunning coming-of-age story about a young girl discovering her strength.

    The third movie on the list is Nightmare Alley, a film directed by Guillermo del Toro who follows his weird passions. The film is a noir classic with art deco glamour with Bradley Cooper playing a con man seduced by his own abilities. Fourth on the list is a musical called Tick Tick … Boom! Starring Andrew Garfield. It is directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and features an aspiring musical composer named Jonathan Larson. 

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