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    Throughout the month of April, four planets from our solar system can be seen marching upwards from the eastern horizon. Occurring really early in the morning, spectators are able to view Saturn, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. This Saturday and SundayVenus and Jupiter will get super close and appear inseparable.

    The term astronomers use when two celestial bodies appear extremely close together in the sky is called conjunctions. In actuality the planets are separated by almost 650 kilometres of space. If you want a chance to view these planets, you would need to wake up at around 5 to 5:30 a.m. ET and look at the eastern horizon. 

    You’ll see two very bright objects closest to the horizon which would be Jupiter and Venus. Then when you look diagonally upwards to the right, you can spot a faint reddish object which is Mars. Finally, if you keep moving in that direction, you’ll spot Saturn.

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