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    Already widespread throughout the U.S. the Asian jumping worm has been seen in Ontario and New Brunswick. Larry Hodgson, a Quebec City-based gardening writer said if you want to see where they get their name from, simply put it in a bowl, then stand back and watch. He explained that “They’ll get out of it,… These things literally jump. A regular earthworm would have a hard time with that. They just sort of leap and they’re quite amazing to watch.”

    Hodgson and the rest of the Canadian gardening world could only watch these past few years as these insects slowly creep up Canada’s southern border. The species was first discovered in the Windsor area as far back as 2014. They were found last summer in the other Ontario communities, including Wheatley, St Catherines, Dundas, and the Greater Toronto Area.

    John Reynolds of Kitchener, Ontario said ”I recorded the first ones and it was a real surprise in 2014,” Reynolds is a PhD taxonomist, making him one of the world’s foremost experts in earthworms, and has been documenting their arrival in the Great White North since the beginning.

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