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    Some of the most anticipated and exciting space missions are ready to kick off in 2022. So far, this year NASA launched the James Webb Space Telescope and expects to receive the first images and science results soon. And now they are set to start a new mission to study an unexplored world. 

    There is also another mission that will watch a NASA spacecraft deliberately crash into an asteroid’s moon. The abundance of space missions started in 2021 guarantees a year filled with new findings in the universe. Several other countries are planning to make 2022 the year to send robotic explorers to the moon. The robotic explorers will be a prerequisite for the return of humans to the lunar surface. 

    Mars was a hot topic in 2021 as there were three missions from separate countries. Each of them arrived on the red planet earlier this year, and the interest in the fourth planet from the sun is only starting to heat up. Europe plans to send their robotic explorer to the red planet as their first planetary rover is ready to launch.

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