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    Food prices are up 6.5 per cent since last year, so some consumers are finding creative ways to save money. Some Canadians are using digital tools to seek out discount food that would otherwise be thrown out. Luke Nichols said he started buying less meat and tries to stretch out the food he buys as much as possible. 

    Living in Regina with his two kids, Nichols is among a growing number of people turning to apps that connect shoppers with cheap food nearing their expiry date. He said it also helps people who are feeling squeezed by high prices. Canada’s food inflation rate hit 6.5 per cent in January compared to last year. 

    According to a report from the federal government, an estimated 20 per cent of food produced in Canada every year goes to waste. So a number of companies have taken the initiative to reduce that percentage. Director of the Agri-Food Analytics Lab and professor at Dalhousie University said “they are becoming more popular because more and more consumers realize that savings occur more on the back-end of the grocery experience.”

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