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    With the price of food, gas, and housing on the rise, post-secondary students face ever-rising tuitions as well. One undergrad explained “It’s so hard to get out of university and just start your life with so much debt already,” Five students took the time and told CBC News about how their costs of living and financial pressures are worrying them.

    Nicolas Avendano is a student at Centennial College and is enrolled in the program Architectural technology. Avendano pays $8,000-9,200 per term, $1,000 per month on housing, $300-350 per month on food, and  $100-150 per month on transportation. He also spends $250 per year on books, $250 per month on the internet, and $66 per month on a cell phone. 

    The college student has to live as frugally as possible in order to make ends meet. He lives in a downtown basement apartment with a roommate, favours free activities, and sops for sales at the supermarket. The Columbian-born international student said, “There are times when I just say, ’Maybe I won’t go out, because I don’t have money for that,’” Other students share their stories with rising tuition prices.

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