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    A bald eagle had a rare closeup encounter in Esgenoôpetitj First Nation and the Mi’kmaw elder said “this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing,” Danny Ward was the first to see the bird as it hopped through some brush and then rested its wings metres away from him. After the encounter Ward explained “I was amazed. I have no words,” 

    The bird was not moving so Ward walked until he was roughly six metres from the bird. The Mi’kmaw elder said he started a smudging ceremony, prayed, gave an offering of tobacco and sang an eagle honour song. During his singing, another eagle passed by overhead. After the song ended, Ward said the eagle jumped off a stump and slowly approached him and a group of residents that had gathered.

    They did however call the Department of Natural Resources to the scene as the eagle stayed on the ground. The bird has been collected and brought to a location where they can test for avian flu. Pam Novak of the Atlantic Wildlife Institute said it is very rare for an eagle to approach humans.

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