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    The new study shows that 55 per cent of entrepreneurs cannot find enough workers, which leads to delays, and limits the growth of the business. Despite the fall approaching, workers at Romaniuk Heating and Air Conditioning will continue to install air conditioners in Edmonton for several weeks. This is a result of too many backlogged orders as the company cannot find enough workers to finish jobs on time.

    The situation is so serious that both Alberta and British Columbia have been pulling crews from Ontario to help out. The company’s general manager Collin Goodyear said “We’ve tripled our crew. We recruit constantly,… This past week, we’ve probably hired about eight people locally.”

    According to Statistics Canada, the labour shortage is spread across the entire country in multiple different job sectors. In the hospitality industry, some foodservice owners are trying to lure workers with profit-sharing, bonuses, and health benefits. Ernie Tsu, president of the Alberta Hospitality Association said “There’s been a lack of trust in our industry in terms of us having to open and close so many times in the last 18 to 19 months.

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