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    Researchers found old computer technology may point the way to the future of quantum computing. The breakthrough in development has the potential to leave today’s supercomputers in the dust. It has the potential to advance research in fields including medicine, chemistry, cybersecurity, and others that have been our of our reach. 

    On Wednesday researchers from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia published their findings in the journal Nature. They said they found a way to create quantum computing processors in silicon chips. Stephanie Simmons, the principal investigator said they have illuminated tiny imperfections on the silicon chips with intense beams of light. 

    She explained that the defects in silicon chips acts as a carrier of information. The rest of the light and the tiny defect reflects it back and turns into a messenger. There are lots of naturally occurring imperfections in silicon and they can act as quantum bits or qubits. Simmons said “these results unlock immediate opportunities to construct silicon-integrated, telecommunications band quantum information networks,”

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