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    The Spinosaurus had a bone density almost equivalent to hippos and underwater hunters including crocodiles. The species was the largest-known carnivorous dinosaur and have a very boney fin protruding out its back. The animal and its closest relatives have long confused scientists as they try to understand how it lived and hunted prey.

    Their two main questions were “did they wade into rivers and lakes like a heron? Or did they swim underwater like a hippo or croc?” The answer to their questions came after discovering their bone density. On Wednesday, the Spinosaurus and its cousin Baryonyx had extremely compact bones that helped them stay submerged for underwater hunting. 

    The species were both part of the Cretaceous Period and were equipped with an elongated crocodile-like snout and conical teeth for hunting aquatic prey. Spinosaurus was about 15 metres long and weighed closest to six tonnes 95 million years ago in Africa. It had a relatively small pelvis, short hind legs, paddle-like tail and feet for propulsion in the water, and a sail-like structure of bony spines two metres tall on its back.

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