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    Sable Island is making room for an international study that is aimed to improve the prediction of marine fog. This has been one of the biggest challenges in meteorology. This specific island was chosen because a climate study found out it was the foggiest place on Earth during summer. 

    The project lead, Joe Fernando said “we have been planning this for almost two years and now hundreds of instruments are being deployed. Some of them are already sending data for us, … It is a quite expensive place to work because of the logistical requirements. But it is the most scientifically promising place to come study marine fog,”

    The crescent of land is situated 300 kilometres offshore from Halifax and is at the intersection of major forces in the Atlantic. Where the warm Gulf Stream meets the cool Labrador current and close to the continental shelf break. Ocean turbulence will constantly churn up tiny salt particles that create fog when water droplets form on them.

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