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    A group of researchers has released a new theory that suggests there is possible life on the planet Venus. They also say it could be making the environment more hospitable for other life to prosper. The theory was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    The team of researchers included scientists from Cardiff University in Wales, MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Cambridge University in England. They say potential life may be creating its own habitable environment in the clouds of Venus using a “cascade of chemical reactions,” This may also explain the “strange anomalies” that have left scientists puzzled for decades. 

    One of the hard-to-answer questions is about the presence of ammonia in the clouds. The gas was detected in 1970 and the team said it shouldn’t be able to be produced through any chemical process known on Venus. The group specifically said “Life could be making its own environment on venus… We know that life can grow in acid(ic) environments on Earth, but nothing as acid(ic) as the clouds of Venus were believed to be.” 

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