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    There are bodies of groundwater under the seafloor off the coast of Prince Edward Island which may help with a list of problems. There is currently a research vessel named Maria S. Merian off the North Shore of P.E.I using different techniques to find more groundwater. The project is being conducted below the bottom of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

    Josh MacFayden, the Canada Research Chair in Geospatial Humanities at the University of P.E.I. said “P.E.I is 100 per cent reliant on groundwater and it’s a finite resource, and we are very cautious about with how we use it, as we should be.” The project is run by Ocean Frontier Institute, which is a Canadian-funded research group led by universities in Atlantic Canada.

    P.E.I. is the first location being explored for this project and MacFayden explained “It’s pretty exciting that we get… to be the first location for this.” The search requires two different types of technology. First, they use seismic exploration to look for spaces and cracks in the structure of the seafloor. The second requires electromagnetic investigation, to determine the types of fluids in the structures.

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