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    You Rock!

    Thank you for you and Mark being there for me in helping me find my new home. Like you said, purchasing a home can be quite stressful, but we managed to get over the first and biggest hurdle, and that was “finding a place”.

    I think we must have looked at least 30 places and I really appreciate Mark’s patience with me. He has been so helpful that near the end I was feeling guilty for putting the poor guy through all this running around back and forth to the same building till I was satisfied. Regardless, he kept his cool and delivered.

    Thanks for the “lovely parting gifts” (as all the game show hosts from the 70’s used to say that). I will be putting them all to good use. Thank you.

    I know this obviously will not be the last time we talk or email. I’m sure we’ll strike up conversation in the future and still maintain the friendship we’ve had the past 20 plus years. I have a sense that Mark and I will also probably be in contract with each other frequently on a friendship basis as well. – Tony