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    Quick Tips on How to use Mirrors in your Home

    Mirrors can be a really useful tool in your home. They do more than reflect light around the room and make it look brighter. Mirrors can add depth to a room, make a small space feel bigger, accentuate contrasting colors, pull together disparate elements of design…the list goes on!

    Here are five examples of how you can use mirrors in your home.

    1. To make a room look bigger & brighter – If you’re trying to create an illusion of more space, try hanging a large mirror opposite the window. Or keep the same general design, but add some wall panels (use glass or clear vinyl). You could also place floor-length mirrors at opposing ends of the room to create the effect of two rooms instead of one.

    2. To draw attention – If you’re trying to draw people’s eyes to something, like your favorite piece of artwork or a piece of furniture you really like, place it directly behind where you’ll be sitting during social gatherings (e.g., dinner parties or game night), and add a mirror across from the focal point. It will make it appear to be twice as big, which makes your guests want to look at it!

    3. To make a small space feel bigger – If you have a small room that feels even smaller after adding all of your furniture, hang a large mirror on one wall just above the couch or fireplace. This will reflect the light in the room, brighten up the space, and fool your brain into thinking it’s twice as big!

    4. To break up a large expanse of a wall – If you have a long wall that is bare, try hanging one mirror about halfway down, then hanging another mirror at the end of the wall. This will create the illusion of two separate walls, and you won’t tire of looking at it like you would if the mirror were hung in the center of the wall.

    5. To add interest – I’m sure most people already know that mirrors can act as a focal point for any room, but sometimes it’s nice to have something unexpected. If you want to be a bit daring, try hanging mirrors of varying shapes and sizes randomly across the wall. This creates an abstract sort of pattern that is really interesting. I’d definitely recommend starting with one or two random mirrors before trying this out for yourself…but it’s up to you!

    So there are five examples of how you can use mirrors to bring some extra sparkle into your home. Put these tips into practice and see what a difference they make!

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