One of the most significant decisions that most of us will make in a lifetime is the purchase or sale of a home. The decision to buy or sell a home is a major financial investment. It is also a decision as to where our family will live, what schools our children will attend, how we will commute to work, the lifestyle we will enjoy, the acquaintances we will maintain and the new friendships we will build.

Given the importance of buying or selling a home, it makes sense to use the services of professionals who will address every aspect of the transaction. It makes sense to hire individuals who are specialists in their field, who will use their expertise to assist you in making your move a success. In real estate, the cost to hire a top-of-the-industry professional is the same as the cost to hire an average performer.

Whether you hire a sales representative who will market and advertise your home aggressively or a sales representative who will take your listing and let it sit – the fee is almost the same, but the results can be significantly different. There are very few books that are available to the consumer explaining the secrets and all of the information that is necessary to truly understand the process of buying and selling a home. Until now, none in plain easy to read, understandable language.

A top realtor in the world, Frank Leo, is the author of the book that helped the consumer -“Don’t make a move without it”. The ultimate guide in buying and selling real estate. Written in understandable language, the book is a virtual encyclopedia that answers every question that the consumer might have.

Frank Leo is the number one real estate agent with ReMax West, and is the #1 individual realtor in Canada for transactions and number #1 in the World for dollar volume. Also known as “The Lion®”, Frank’s pledge has always been to deliver the best service in the Real Estate industry, to address every aspect of a client’s real estate transaction, and go beyond his clients’ expectations and make the next move the best move.

Among the many topics that the book explains are whether to own or to rent, understanding all of your many mortgage options, finding your ideal home, making your offer, preparing your home for sale, and selecting the right team of professionals. Vital dollars-and-cents topics like how to sell your home for the highest price with the least amount of inconvenience, and how to create the best winning marketing strategy, are also painstakingly explored.

Frank’s book is a must resource for every person who has ever been pushed by a realtor into making a decision that the person was not comfortable with. Armed with this information, the consumer will never be pushed around, whether by a realtor, mortgage consultant, lawyer, inspector, or any other professional in the process.

In fact, the book has had an effect; Ethical realtors embrace it, while unscrupulous or unprofessional realtors who see a consumer armed with this book’s knowledge avoid him or her like a plague.

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