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    In this post, we will look at some of the reasons that real estate in Courtice is an excellent investment for anybody, regardless of where they are in their real estate journey.

    Courtice is located in the Municipality of Clarington. The community is situated between Oshawa and Bowmanville. Its location makes Courtice a great spot for people who want to live in a quiet suburban setting with excellent access to the GTA.

    At the same time, residents of Courtice enjoy beautiful green spaces nearby. For instance, Courtice residents can enjoy spending time on the shore of Lake Ontario, Greenbelt protected areas, and the Oak Ridges Moraine.

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    The History of Courtice

    In 1792, Lieutenant-Governor John Greaves Simcoe issued a proclamation that entitled settlers to many acres of free land. Because of Simcoe’s proclamation, many settlers came to Canada from America.

    The earliest European settlers in the area were members of the Burk, Trull, and Conat families. They were Loyalists who immigrated to Canada from the United States.

    As a result, these early settler families lent their names to roads in the area, with Trulls Road being an important roadway in Courtice.

    The hard work of clearing the land and establishing farmsteads defined the lives of early settlers. In 1888, 200 people called Courtice home. Business people established a cheese factory and a planing mill in the town.

    The Turn of the Century in Courtice

    At the turn of the century, not much had changed in Courtice. Entrepreneurs established many businesses in the town. New businesses included a carriage maker, a flour mill, and a general store.

    The town got its first post office in 1882. This saved the residents of the town a commute to Bowmanville to get their mail.

    During this period, the citizens of Courtice had to take a coach to Bowmanville in order to do their banking or to access the Grand Trunk Railroad.

    After Bowmanville, Courtice was the second most important community in Darlington Township. Darlington was a prosperous township. That is to say, there was a lot of industry in the area. Factories in the area included a musical instrument factory, a rubber plant, and many mills.

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    Suburban Development in Courtice

    After the Second World War, the area saw an explosion in its population. Developers built many new subdivisions. Courtice expanded to the north and south.

    In the mid-1960s, the Government of Ontario constructed Highway 401. Because of this, Courtice expanded from a tiny hamlet into a town that is home to thousands of people.

    Courtice became part of the newly established Municipality of Clarington in 1974, which is one of the constituent municipalities of Durham Region.

    The name Clarington comes from the names Clarke Township and Darlington Township. These two townships merged to form Clarington.


    Courtice has something to offer everyone. To clarify, the community offers the best of both quiet suburban living, without sacrificing access to the GTA.

    Further, lovers of the outdoors relish the town’s proximity to beautiful green spaces like the Bowmanville Valley Conservation Area or McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve.

    At the same time, commuters are only minutes away from Oshawa. Similarly, Toronto is only about 60kms away.

    Nearly 40,000 people call Clarington home, many of them living in Courtice. The population is also quite diverse, with people from all over the world calling Courtice home.

    Real Estate in Courtice

    Real estate in Courtice offers people the opportunity to buy the home of their dreams. That is to say, houses in Courtice are both spacious and new.

    As a small community, Courtice does not offer much high-density housing. In other words, the majority of homes in Courtice are single-detached.

    These homes are perfect for families. For instance, most homes in Courtice have more than 3 bedrooms.

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    There are lots of shopping options in Courtice and throughout the Clarington area.

    The Courtice Flea Market offers shoppers the opportunity to find unique items. Hundreds of local vendors sell new and antique goods.

    The largest shopping area is at the intersection of Highway 2 and Townline Road. At this intersection, there are several strip malls and outdoor shopping centres. There are also shopping centres available at the intersection of Highway 2 and Trulls Road.

    Additionally, shoppers can also visit shopping centres in nearby Oshawa, such as SmartCentres Oshawa.


    Residents of Courtice enjoy a wide variety of recreation options.

    There are both indoor and outdoor recreation options in the area. In other words, there are recreation options for everyone in Courtice.


    Courtice offers lovers of the outdoors many options. Above all, there are numerous parks in the area.

    Local parks include the Oshawa Valleylands Conservation Area at Toad Hollow, Darlington Provicial Park, and Tooley’s Mill Park.

    Further, these parks feature many activities. Visitors can cycle, enjoy the waterfront, or use one of the many trails.


    Meanwhile, residents of Courtice also enjoy many indoor recreation centres.

    There are many facilities that Clarington runs spread throughout the community. As a result, there are many ways to be active in Courtice.

    The main facilities that residents in Courtice enjoy are South Courtice Arena and the Courtice Communtiy Complex.


    There are many schools spread throughout Courtice. This means that families don’t have to worry about their kids having to commute for a long time to school.

    These schools are controlled by 2 school boards.

    Firstly, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board administers public schools in Courtice.

    Secondly, the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board runs Catholic schools in the town.


    Residents have no trouble getting around Courtice.

    Additionally, it is easy for commuters to get out of town into other parts of the GTA.


    The most popular way of getting around Courtice is to drive your own car.

    By far the most important roadway in the area is Highway 401. This highway connects Courtice to the GTA and the rest of Ontario.

    Another important 400 series highway in the area is Highway 418. This highway travels north to south connecting Highway 407 to Highway 401.

    Locally, Highway 2 is the most important road. It travels east to west and connects Courtice directly to Bowmanville and Oshawa.

    Additionally, Trulls Road is an important road in Courtice. It travels north to south and connects Courtice to the 401.


    Residents can also get around Courtice using public transportation. Public transportation also provides the town links to neighbouring communities.

    Durham Regional Transit services Courtice with bus routes. These connect the community to Bowmanville and Oshawa.

    At the same time, GO Transit provides bus and rail connections. South of Courtice, residents can catch a GO bus at the Courtice Road and Baseline Road Park and Ride. These buses connect Courtice to the Oshawa GO Station, where commuters can connect to trains.

    With these public transportation options, residents don’t have to rely on their own cars.

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