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    Quick Tips on How to Change Lighting Fixtures or Mounts

    Lighting is a great way to transform your home, adding instant appeal and increasing its value. If you know how to change lighting fixtures and mounts correctly, the process can be fun and easy.

    Speak with an expert at a lighting store before choosing which lights work best for your room; they will help you determine what kind of light source – such as a lamp, pendant light, or track lighting – and what style of mount (more on this later) you need.

    Part 1: Choosing the Right Mounts for Your Lighting Fixtures

    The first decision to make when it comes to changing your lighting fixtures and mounts is determining how hard-wired they will be and what kind of mount you need.

    Hard-wired lighting fixtures will either be mounted directly to the ceiling or attached to a junction box in the wall, while non-direct wire lighting fixtures use an adjustable stem and clamp system for attaching and rotating them.

    Track lighting is also known as adjustable downlighting: it consists of adjustable fixtures that are wired into a track that is suspended from the ceiling.

    Recessed lighting uses can use either direct wire or non-direct wire systems for adjusting and rotating the light. Direct wire systems screw directly into your junction box while non-direct wire systems attach to a housing unit installed in your ceiling, which then attaches to your junction box.

    With all these options to choose from, it’s important to know the weight and size of your fixtures to get the right mount for them. Be sure that you’ll be able to support the weight of your lighting changes before making any adjustments!

    Part 2: Installing New Lighting Fixtures & Mounts

    Once you’ve decided how to change lighting fixtures and mounts, it’s time to install them!

    First, shut off the electricity at your breaker box. Remove the old fixture by disconnecting all wires inside the junction box. Next, install any necessary new hardware or canopies, then test that there is no power running through the system. Once everything is clear, you’re ready to start installing new lighting fixtures and mounts!

    Attach your desired mount – whether direct wire or non-direct wire – to your ceiling or wall by simply screwing it in with appropriate screws for your surface.

    Now it’s time to attach your fixture to its new mount. Connect the wires as they were before, and test that you’ve done everything correctly by turning your power back on at the breaker box. Once everything is ready to go, hang up your new light – and enjoy!

    Removing and replacing lighting fixtures and mounts might seem like a complicated process, but if you know how to change lighting fixtures and mounts without damaging your walls or committing to an expensive electrician, it can be easy.

    Remember that if you’re not confident doing the work on your own, this process is best left to professionals!

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