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    Quick Tips on How to Improve the Organization of your Home

    When someone tries to organize their closet it typically results in more clothes on the floor than there were before. It’s understandable that this would be incredibly frustrating. However, there are actually some easy changes you can make that don’t result in piles of dirty clothing all over your room (or hallway).

    The goal is to reduce the clutter and start to actually find the items you’re looking for.

    First, take everything out of your closet and relocate it to another room in your home (the kitchen table is a good location). For each item ask yourself: “Do I wear this?” If you do, put it back in the closet and if not, either donate it or sell it.

    Organizing can be pretty expensive, which is why you should only purchase the items that are necessary for your closet (and not already there). There are some general categories of storage that most people need: shelves, hangers, drawers/baskets. The number of each will vary depending on how much clothing you have – aim for the minimum.

    If you don’t have many clothes you may only need a few shelves and hangers, but if you’re like most people and possess more than the bare essentials then there will be a need for drawers and/or baskets (to sort items). Don’t worry about getting these at first though; just make sure to get the essentials.

    Once you have all the necessary storage, put everything back in your closet and provide for quick and easy access (hanging like items together, placing like-colored clothing next to each other). If it seems like something is missing (e.g. a dress) then either get it or look around for another item that can be used in its place (e.g. a skirt).

    This is also a good time to de-clutter and organize your dresser and/or chest of drawers with like items (underwear, socks, bras, pajamas, etc.).

    Once you’ve gone through every item in your closet and decided what to keep and where it should go, you can purchase storage to keep your new items.

    Here are the Steps in Order:

    1. Take everything out of the closet and put it somewhere else in your home (e.g. kitchen table or living room).

    2. Go through every item and ask yourself: “Do I wear this?” If yes, hang it back up, if not then donate/sell it.

    3. Organize your dresser with like items (e.g. underwear, socks, bras, pajamas).

    4. Put everything back in the closet and organize by hanging clothes that are similar next to each other or placing like-colored clothing together.

    5. Now you can purchase any missing storage you need for your new clothes.

    6. Now you can purchase storage to keep your new items!