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    Selling a home can be one of the most time-consuming and emotionally taxing times in a person’s life – especially for first time home sellers. The simple truth is the best home realtor will understand and appreciate what you are going through, and knows how to make the process a whole lot easier.

    Since you’ve moved in your house has become your home, as you’ve invested your blood, sweat and tears into it. By learning from some of the following mistakes home sellers experience, you can make sure you get the best price that you deserve.

    1. Not showing your home at its best

    Many home sellers will do a simple clean sweep of their home and that’s it. In most cases, a general clean up isn’t enough to do the trick. The best thing to do before showcasing your home is to gain an outsider’s perspective. You may be surprised at certain blemishes and outdated areas of your home you have otherwise have become blind to. Missing shingles on the roof, strange odours, and outdated appliances can serve as some examples. There are many simple pro tips as well that will make your home warmer and more inviting to prospective buyers.

    2. Not setting the right price

    If you set your price too high you aren’t going to receive a lot of serious offers – or any at all. Though you want to get the most money for your home, try to find a reasonable price based on the value of the local housing market. In addition, when you set the price too low buyers can become suspicious and start to think this offer is too good to be true. When you aren’t able to find the appropriate price for your house, you may also find your house will take a longer time to sell.

    3: Trying to sell to the wrong people

    It can become discouraging when you’ve shown your house to many people but haven’t received as much as a bite. The likely cause is that many of the “prospective buyers” you thought were interested in your home, weren’t looking to buy in the first place. The best real estate agent will be able to separate the real interested parties from the “window shoppers” that attend open houses.

    4. Limiting Your Marketing Push

    When you fail to advertise your home effectively, you are only inviting a small pool of people to see your home. The more eyes that land on your listing, the more likely you are going to receive an offer that works for you. The best real estate agents have access to all the traditional and digital advertising platforms that will drive a lot of people from their computer screens to your doorstep. When searching for a realtor, identify how well they promote some of the homes they are currently selling.

    5. Becoming too emotionally invested

    Over the years, you’ve worked hard to turn your house into your home. Though you have come very attached to the makeup and design of your house, others may have different opinions and tastes you may necessarily not agree with. It’s important you try and free yourself from these emotional investments during the selling process. Don’t become discouraged when others have negative feedback. Remembering that your house is an asset, trusting an expert realtor’s advice, and approaching the selling process with an open mind is the best practice.

    6. Hiring the wrong realtor

    Do your research. A great realtor will have an excellent track record of helping their clients get the most value for their home. They will also ensure that your house will not be subjected to any of the previous common selling mistakes mentioned in this article. Look at the realtor’s website, read some reviews, and make the right decision. Again, selling your home is one of the largest financial transactions you will ever make, so make sure you are backed by the best real estate agent possible.

    You’ve put years of effort, love, and care into your home. Now it’s time to be rewarded for it. Frank Leo has become Canada’s #1 individual Remax agent* due to his guaranteed home selling system and years of expertise. When you sell your home in the Greater Toronto area with Frank Leo, you know you will be getting the best possible value. Book a free home evaluation today and put yourself on the track to a successful sale.

    *Base on Number of Transactions for 2015

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