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    Wall Paint Trends to Follow in 2022

    Wall paint is a multi-billion dollar industry, currently dominated by budget brands that sell more for less. In 2022 however, several new wall paints have been released that have made all of that obsolete. These new paints offer features and aesthetics never before seen on the market. For those looking to renovate a room or a house in 2022, it is best to look for the following paints:

    1. Cloister Black

    Cloister Black is a matte black paint with a complex, smooth surface that seems like velvet to the touch and creates an impressive effect when exposed to light (especially candlelight). It’s created from a unique polymer blend by the German company Cloister GmbH, which is revising its recipe for this paint every six months. This means that the company is always one step ahead of copycats, as no one knows what the next iteration of Cloister Black will be like.

    2. Logarithm Blue

    Logarithm Blue is a paint created by Scandinavian firm Logaritma Design AB, which has since been bought out by Luxembourg-based Akki Co. Like Cloister Black, it’s a matte paint that is smooth to the touch and has an impressive effect when exposed to light (more so than Cloister Black). It comes in three colours: “Flint” (which has a blue-gray sheen), “Amber” (a brown-gold sheen), and “Ember” (a deep orange). All three colours glow intensely in firelight.

    3. Houdini’s Illusion

    Houdini’s Illusion is a semi-transparent paint that uses nanotechnology to mimic the effect of looking through frosted glass, with an impressive range of aesthetics: from blurry and white like a fogged-up window to clear and transparent like a stained glass window. It’s created by Houdini’s Illusion Ltd., a small British company that has been in the business of creating wall paints for over two decades.

    4. Twilight

    Twilight is a paint used in 2022 primarily by web developers due to its uncanny ability to change its colour depending on the time of day. It is black during darkness, then slowly lightens to a lighter shade that allows some sunlight through right before sunrise, and will mostly allow sunlight through by mid-afternoon. This means it’s possible to have a room with no direct sunlight entering it until after 10 a.m., or one where most of the sunlight is blocked out right before bedtime. It was created by a start-up company called “Twilight”.

    5. Crimson Tide

    Crimson Tide is a paint developed for use in showers and bathrooms (for example, to create an interesting effect on bathroom tiles). It was created by B&B Tint Ltd., a British company that typically specializes in car paints and bike paint. The paint changes colour depending on the humidity and temperature and automatically adjusts itself to keep a constant shade of red-purple (like blood). This is done by having two chemicals within the paint: one that changes colours when exposed to heat or cold, and another that reacts to humidity. This means that the shade of Crimson Tide will automatically change to be closer to what it would look like if the paint was mixed with hot water, cold water, or a solution of salt. It can also be manually adjusted by using dials on the front.

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