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    Uxbridge is a picturesque and quiet town that sits on the northern slopes of Oak Ridges Moraine. It’s only 68 kilometres from Toronto, but it feels like another world with its serene beauty – especially when compared to hustle-bustling metropolis southwards towards Pickering or Whitby!

    This quiet town sits to the north of larger communities of Durham Region. South of the town are Pickering, Ajax, and Whitby. 

    Its position allows the town to cater to people who want to live a small-town lifestyle. At the same time, Uxbridge retains the benefits of living in the big city.

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    A street in Uxbridge ontario showing off the community for an Uxbridge community profile
    Uxbridge, Ontario provides the quaint small town charm and Main St. shopping experience larger cities cannot provide. (Image Licensed under CC.)

    The History of Uxbridge

    The first Europeans to settle in the area were a group of Quakers. They were a group of 12 families that were led to Ontario by Dr. Christopher Beswick in 1806. This group of settlers originated around Catawissa Pennsylvania.

    The Quakers built Uxbridge’s oldest building, The Uxbridge Friend’s Meeting House, in 1820.

    In 1869, the town’s population was 1500. There were many tradespeople working and doing business there.

    The railway came to Uxbridge in 1871. Uxbridge became the headquarters of the Toronto Nippissing Railroad. The railway caused the area’s population to spike. Uxbridge became a village in 1872. It reached town status in 1885.

    In 1872, the Uxbridge Piano and Organ Co. was founded. Piano and organ manufacturing became one of the staples of the town’s economy.

    Joseph Gould, a local businessman and politician, provided the funds to establish the Uxbridge Public Library in 1887.

    The Turn of the Century in Uxbridge

    By 1910, the population had grown to 2,000. The following year, one of the pillars of Canadian literature moved to the town.

    Lucy Maud Montgomery, the creator of Anne of Green Gables, moved to Uxbridge with her husband. While she lived there, she wrote many of her novels. She lived in the area between 1911 and 1926.

    A notable resident of Uxbridge was Thomas Foster, the former mayor of Toronto. Between 1935-1936 he built a custom-designed monument for him and his family in the town. The design of the monument is unique, drawing inspiration from Foster’s world travels. He particularly liked the Taj Mahal. Foster, his wife, and their daughter are all interned in the monument.

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    Suburban Development in Uxbridge

    After the Second World War, the population of Uxbridge continued to climb.

    As more people moved into the town, it grew in importance. In 1954, Uxbridge was honoured with its own official coat of arms. It was only the second town in Canada to receive this honour.

    The increasing population of the area necessitated the political reorganization of the municipality. In 1973, the Town of Uxbridge and Scott Township amalgamated into the new Uxbridge Township. The township was then incorporated into the newly established Durham Region.

    The new township built amenities for its growing number of residents to enjoy. In 1978, the township built the Uxbridge Arena and Community Centre in Uxbridge.

    Housing developments expanded the town to the east and the west. South of the town, developers built a great deal of commercial real estate along Toronto Street.


    Uxbridge is a small town in Uxbridge Township, part of Durham Region.

    Living in Uxbridge is a great place to live because it offers the small-town feel of an Ontario community without sacrificing access to larger GTA communities.

    Residents have excellent access to the Oak Ridges Moraine. The moraine provides many opportunities for outdoor fun. The town’s nickname is “the trail capital of Canada” because of the large number of places to hike.

    Uxbridge is also home to industry and business. Many of the town’s residents work right in town at employers like Koch-Giltsch Industries, local businesses, and in film production.

    These reasons make Uxbridge a great place for families to live, work, and play. Uxbridge Township is home to more than 20,000 people. The majority of these people reside in the town of Uxbridge itself.

    An image of the Uxbridge railway station clock, showing off the community heritage for an Uxbridge community profile
    An image of the Uxbridge Station clock, showing off the community heritage. (Image Licensed under CC)

    Real Estate in Uxbridge

    Uxbridge is an up and coming real estate market in the GTA.

    Like most small towns, the majority of homes in Uxbridge are single detached homes. Most of these homes have plenty of room. Most have at least 3 bedrooms.

    Prospective buyers won’t have any trouble finding newer homes in the town. Since 2000, developers built more than 2,300 homes in the town.

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    There are lots of shopping options available in Uxbridge. The town features both small, locally owned businesses and big-box retailers. There are two main shopping districts in the town: downtown Uxbridge and south of the town on Toronto Street.

    For shoppers who are interested in the thrill of the hunt or boutique shopping experiences, downtown Uxbridge is the perfect shopping venue. The downtown district is centred on the intersection of Brock Street and Toronto Street. It features many local shops, services, and restaurants.

    On the southern edge of town, on Toronto Street, there are several big box stores and strip malls. One of these outdoor shopping centres is the Uxbridge Shopping Centre.


    As the trail capital of Canada, Uxbridge is a paradise for hikers. But the town offers more recreation choices beyond trails as well.


    Uxbridge offers plenty of opportunities to spend time outdoors with friends and family exploring parks and trails.

    The town maintains 3 parks that residents can spend the day relaxing or playing in. These three parks are Elgin Park, Pump Park, and Skate Park.

    Uxbridge’s extensive trail system is the centrepiece of its recreation attractions. Whether you are looking for a day hike, light stroll, or a fun walk with your dog, the vast trail system has something for you.

    From the trails, residents can explore several of the area’s sites of ecological interest. These sites include the Durham Regional Forest, the East Duffins Headwaters, the West Duffins Headwaters, and the Oak Ridges Moraine.


    Beyond parks and trails, Uxbridge also features a recreation facility. The Uxbridge Community Centre offers the option to join a hockey team, drop-in for public skate time, play lacrosse, or host an event.

    The township offers plenty of recreation programs for its residents to take part in.


    Durham District School Board services Uxbridge. It runs 5 elementary schools and 1 high school in the town. The schools are conveniently located throughout the city. This means that there’s never a long commute for students.

    Additionally, the Durham Catholic District School Board administers a Catholic elementary school in the town.


    It isn’t tough to get around Uxbridge. Whether you want to drive your own car or take public transit, there are a variety of options available in Uxbridge.


      While Uxbridge is not directly adjacent to any 400 series highways, its proximity to the GTA means that this isn’t an issue.

    Some major roads in the town include Highway 47 (local name: Toronto Street) and Regional Road 8 (local name: Brock Street).

    Highway 47 connects Uxbridge to Highway 404, via Whitchurch-Stouffville, in the west. In the east, the highway connects Uxbridge to Highway 12, which is a direct route to Whitby, the 407, and the 401.

    Regional Road 8 heads out of the town to the west. It links the town with Highway 404.


    Despite its rural nature, there are public transit options available for Uxbridge residents. This means that you can commute around town and into the GTA without driving your own car.

    Durham Region Transit provides bus services in Uxbridge.

    GO Transit services Uxbridge with one bus route. This bus connects with GO train services at Lincolnville Station in Stouffville.

    These transit links allow the residents of Uxbridge direct access to larger communities of the GTA. Living in a small town doesn’t mean not having access to big city amenities, if the small town is Uxbridge.

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    Featured image: Brock Street in Downtown Uxbridge, courtesy CC.