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    When you are committed to selling your home, condo or loft in Toronto, many sellers can soon find themselves in trouble. Time and time again sellers get the wrong impression of the value of their home using inadvisable home value estimation techniques and that could lead to overestimating the price or even letting the buyer walk away with a steal. Getting valued advice from an experienced industry professional is the only way to ensure you are getting the right price and the right advice to increasing your home’s value.

    How are sellers improperly evaluating their home?

    Mistakes in the housing market are quite common and unfortunately can become very costly in terms of both time and money. Here are a few way home sellers are getting wrong ideas of how much their home is worth.

    Online Home Evaluation Calculators

    Nowadays, many people are putting a lot of value into online home evaluation calculators. Unfortunately, the value they are putting into them isn’t coming back in return. While online calculators can give you a rough initial estimate, a realtor with years of experience will be able to see things in your house that won’t be factored into the calculators algorithm. This includes things like the structural integrity of certain areas you may not even be aware of. Many homeowners are unaware of certain issues that could become major hurdles in getting to the final sale of their house. Some sellers can misvalue their house by tens of thousands of dollars when solely relying on these online estimation tools.

    Comparing With Friends and Families

    You may think because your neighbour sold his house for a less than ideal amount that your house may end up selling for less than what you may like. Many sellers will base their ideal price on the sales of one or two friends or acquaintances final sales prices. When you compare to only one or two homes you are missing out on the thousands of sales a professional realtor has seen.

    While some of the previous mistakes aren’t technically disastrous, they can become larger when they become the only factor in which you are basing the value of your home. Make sure you do as much research as possible so you can avoid all of the common home selling mistakes that happen every day.

    Let’s get the right estimate for your Toronto home

    When you are selling your home or looking to buy, you need to conduct a professional home inspection. A free home evaluation from Toronto real estate expert Frank Leo will offer expert insight into your home and advice you can take advantage of. Frank has developed a great reputation in the Toronto area for not only selling homes but getting the most value for his clients.

    When you have one primary focus for such a long time, you will end up knowing all the intricacies of any subject. Like Michael Jordan mastering the free throw or Jimmy Hendrix nailing a guitar solo, Frank has mastered the ins and outs of the Toronto real estate market with over 25 years of success making him the highest selling Re/Max agent in all of Canada.

    How a free home evaluation from Frank Leo benefits you

    For home sellers, Frank Leo’s team will give you their professional opinion with the goals of maximizing the value of your home. These goals include:

    1. House Market Comparison

    While most people may sell a house two or three times in their lifetime, the best professional realtors will have sold in the thousands. With such a wealth of expertise, realtors like Frank Leo will be able to compare your house to others on the market giving you a perfect estimation of:

    While you can get a good idea of what your home is worth by doing a quick comparison, no insight can compare to that of a professional realtor.

    2. Advice to Increasing Value

    In an evaluation, a good realtor will look at many areas of your house that could be improved immediately. Even small and inexpensive changes can go a long way to increasing the sale price immediately. Simple facelifts to the kitchen, removing a carpet in favour of new hardwood and installing a new garden in the front yard could end up increasing the value of your house by the thousands.

    3. Understanding the Structural Integrity of Your House

    How long has it been since your water heater was checked? How old are the pipes of your home? There could be problems in the bones of your house that could drop the price of the house dramatically if not attended to right away. An experienced realtor will be able to pick up on potentially flawed structural elements and provide you with the best advice on repairing any of these potential problems.

    Again, using home value estimation calculators online and comparing what your house is going for on your own aren’t necessarily bad ideas. There is just so much more value in getting your home evaluated by an industry professional.

    Contact Frank Leo Today

    To determine if you are sitting on a potential gold mine, please feel free to take advantage of the free home evaluation from the number one selling individual Re/Max real estate agent in Canada. Frank Leo will discuss your goals, answer all of your questions, address any concerns, and take away the stress that can come when selling your home.

    Book your free home evaluation appointment today, or contact Frank Leo and his expert team to help get the perfect estimate for your home. There are no obligations or commitments, but with our track record of success, you will see how he can help you sell your home in a timely manner and for the best price.

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