Non-Essential Travel Restrictions Extended Until November 21

On Monday, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Bill Blair announced that Canada would extend its non-essential travel restrictions from October 21st until November 21st.

“Our decisions will continue to be based on the best public health advice available to keep Canadians safe,” said Blair.
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Ottawa’s Path to ‘Net Zero’ Emissions by 2050 is Said to Cost Billions

According to city staff, it will cost more than $30 billion to reach Ottawa’s target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, but the savings will offset the daunting price tag.

In January, the Council declared a climate emergency and decided to set a more ambitious target to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Scott Moffatt, who chairs the committee, explained that he sees it as his job to make sure Ottawa is serious about their goal by saying, “Municipalities across the country, across North America, have passed the motion. They make the commitment. I’ve yet to see anyone actually monetize it or say what needs to happen to get there. So we’ve done that.”
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New Aircrafts Promise to Bring Travel Back to Life

Boom Supersonic released its first civilian supersonic aircraft, XB-1 test plane.

The new aircraft will allow Boom to confirm aspects of the design of its new proposed Overture, which is a much more elegant delta-winged project.

The Overture aircraft is intended to carry between 65 to 88 passengers across ocean routes, minimizing the supersonic boom generated by its Mach 2.2 speed.

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Residents Call on the City to Install More Speed Cameras

Advocates ask the City to install more photo-radar cameras, as it was revealed that the devices already installed caught thousands of speeders this summer.

So far, there are 50 cameras in operation, and residents around those areas support the cameras completely.

One of the residents said, “Any deterrent is better than nothing, the police have their hands full trying to slow the speeding on the streets, it’s become a problem, it keeps people in check, keeps the neighbourhood safe.”

Thousands of fines have been sent out since the cameras started issuing tickets in July.

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TDSB Classrooms Do Not Have Proper Ventilation

About 6,000 classrooms in Toronto public schools have poor ventilation.

According to researchers, the risk of contracting COVID-19 is greater in indoor spaces with poor ventilation.

Shelley Laskin, Toronto District School Board Trustee, said they have already ordered portable air filters and are expected to arrive next week, with additional units coming the following week.
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Students Can No Longer Switch Between In-Class and Virtual Learning

The Toronto District School Board announced that elementary school students would no longer be able to switch between in-person learning and virtual learning before the end of the year.

Initially, there would be 3 dates for students to make the switch, but on Thursday, the board decided to get rid of November’s date for the students’ and staff’s interest and stability.

Manon Gardner, TDSB’s associate director of school operations and service excellence, said; “Based on the feedback that we’ve had during the recent transition that took place last week and in the interest of stability for students and staffing, we will not offer a November transition date.”
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The Province Announces Elimination of Regulation 274

On Thursday, the Ontario government reported that it would eliminate the rule that gives preference to supply teachers with the most seniority.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce, has previously said that he does not support Regulation 274, which forces them to hire from a small group of teachers who have been on the supply list for a longer time; instead he prefers that schools hire the best fit candidate for the job.
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Fiat Chrysler Avoids Strike Less than 10 Minutes Before Deadline

On Wednesday, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, reached an agreement with more than 9,000 Canadian workers, avoiding a strike at the very last minute.

Unifor, who represents 20,000 workers, said that the two sides came to an agreement less than 10 minutes before the deadline, after two weeks of negotiations that ran through the long Thanksgiving weekend.
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Ontario Reports a Total of 783 New COVID-19 Cases

On Thursday, Ontario reported 783 new cases of COVID-19.

Today’s confirmed cases are concentrated in four public health units; 239 in Toronto, 136 in Peel Region, 127 in York Region, and 89 in Ottawa.

According to Public Health Officials, Ottawa currently has the worst rate of new COVID-19 cases in the province.

Thursday marks the first in more than a week that the seven-day average of new daily cases has gone down, going from 781 yesterday to 779 today.
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