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    The province is telling distilleries to stop making sanitizer in May due to the limited demand. Many B.C. distilleries transitioned to producing hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 pandemic to help with the increased demand. Co-owner of The Moon Under Water Brewery, Pub and Distillery in Victoria, Clay Potter said he began producing the product when the supply was uncertain. 

    Potter explained “We have all the equipment in place, it took some trial and error to learn how to make it properly and get it tested,” He said his business invested in the necessary equipment and materials needed to produce sanitizers. But he recently received a notice by email April 7, which stated he needed to halt all production by May 8. Also, all remaining stock must be sold or donated by November.

    Some distillers feel betrayed by the government after they stepped up for the public good during the pandemic. Potter said “It’s just sort of another barrier for us. I;ve got about a dozen or so four-litre jugs still and then I have a lot of spoiled alcohol in the back that is just waiting to be distilled,”

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