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    The federal government will be bringing back a list of seasonal measures to protect the endangered killer whales. The whales whose habitat includes the Salish Sea were classified as endangered during the federal Endangered Species Act in 2005. At that time their population dropped to just over 70. 

    Many researchers say it is due to the loss of chinook salmon which is the orca’s main source of food. Noise pollution is also considered a factor in the animals endangerment. This is the fourth summer where restrictions are placed on fisheries, tour boats, and ships, to minimize the threats. 

    Whale researcher Lance Barret-Lennard said when boats go fast “that noise is this king of acoustic smog that really affects the whales’ ability to communicate and to use echolocation to find prey, ”A new speed limit in two areas near Swiftsure Bank at the entrance to the Salish Sea will be set to reduce the noise pollution.

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