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    New Survey: Most Millennials Still Want to Be Homeowners

    Although nearly 75% of Canadian Millennials say they want to buy property, nearly half say they’d need to leave the big city to reach that goal, according to a new survey.  Polling Canadian millennials from across Canada, the survey also found that nearly 40% of millennials believe that they will need to relocate to own […]

    This Species of Frog is Famous for Clumsy Landings

    The pumpkin toadlet is no bigger than a tic tac and lacks an ability that most frogs are well known for. While the species can jump off the ground, it usually ends up in a pitiful crash landing.  A biologist at the Edwardsville, Illinois campus of Southern Illinois University Richard Essner is one of the […]

    Conservationists Concerned About B.C.’s Rare Glass Sponge Reefs

    Divers in West Vancouver say they continue to find new damage to the rare glass sponge reefs. Glen Dennison, one of the divers said he is worried every time he heads out onto the waters in Howe Sound. Dennison is concerned about the health and wellbeing of a prehistoric creatures that he identified. On his […]

    New Tax Credit Introduced in Ontario

    The Ontario government formally tabled its 2022-23 budget on Tuesday, pushing forward with several tax credits for residents. There will be an extended credit for low-to mid-income earners, a credit for seniors to make their homes safer, and a subsidy for child-care costs for parents with children. In order for the tax credits to be […]

    Augusts’ ‘Sturgeon Moon’ Just Passed Earth

    The last supermoon of the year featured ample viewing and photo opportunities for people around the world Thursday night. This event that happens in August is referred to as the “sturgeon moon,” The full moon appears larger in the sky that it actually is, due to its orbit coming closest to Earth. This was the […]

    Downtown Core Power Outage Hit Toronto Yesterday

    The City of Toronto is still investigating after a power outage left a large portion of the downtown core without electricity. This included office buildings, a major mall, and a university campus. According to Hydro One, the outage was caused after a barge with a crane came into contact with overhead power lines at the […]

    Rare White Orca Spotted in the Shallow Waters of Vancouver Island

    A very rare orca was seen in the shallow waters of Beaver Cove located off the coast of Vancouver Island Wednesday. Marine experts say this is the first time this specific whale has been seen north of California.  Mike Dobbs was working in the cove when two orcas swam into the beach area a few […]

    Why is Canada Trailing the World on Floating Solar Panels?

    According to a professor of mechanical engineering at Ontario Tech University, Toronto Harbour is missing out on an emerging renewable energy source. The emerging technology is known as floating solar panels. The professor named Ibrahim Dincer proposed a zero-emissions alternative to Toronto’s ferry fleet that would see new electric boats.  The electric boats will be […]

    Royal Canadian Mint Issuing New $1 Coin

    The new loonie released by the Royal Canadian Mint pays tribute to Montreal-born Oscar Peterson, one of the greatest jazz pianists. Peterson passed away in 2007 and was one of Canada’s most decorated musicians and is remembered as one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time.  In a statement the Royal Canadian Mint said […]

    Wonderland Has A New Ride Coming Next Year

    Canada’s Wonderland announced that two new rides will be completed next year and available for guests to ride. The amusement park says one of the raised is “the only one of its kind in the world.” The park is located in Vaughan, Ontario and revealed the news on Thursday. The two rides will be called […]