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    Dear Leo,
    In February of this year we invited three real estate companies, (your company was
    recommended to us by our son, who, listened to you on the radio), to come and talk to
    us regarding the selling of our home. We wanted to interview each one in order to
    choose who we felt would be the best person to help us successfully, not only in the
    marketing of our home to it’s best advantage, but, also someone who would be patient
    and understanding in dealing with two seniors who were going to be undertaking a huge
    and ‘very scary’ move at their time of life.
    As soon as we spoke to Victoria we realized that she was ‘the one’ for us. Immediately
    we felt we were all on the same ‘page’, whereas, with the other Agents, we felt not only
    were we not on the same ‘page’, but obviously not even in the same ‘book’!
    Victoria, explained how her company worked, why their approach to selling properties is
    so successful, and how these marketing skills could really be beneficial, getting the best
    possible price, with, the least amount of worry and concern to us. And true to her word,
    our home sold in 7 days, after 61 viewing’s, which resulted in 9 offers, 5 of which were
    firm with no ‘conditions’ for a fair price that we were very happy with.
    During the weeks prior to listing, and subsequently selling our property, Victoria was
    amazing, her real estate knowledge and confidence was just what we needed. She
    handled everything even to the ‘staging’ with such knowledge, everything went
    smoothly. She literally held our hands and explained things to us every step of the way.
    She was never to busy to facetime ( I have a hearing problem, so facetiming works
    better for me than phoning) with us when we called her. Victoria was always smiling and
    cheerful, always quick to reassure us that every thing was going to plan. I am sure that
    many, many times we could have annoyed her with our constant questions, but she was
    never irritated by this (even when I called her before 9:00am one morning in a panic!).
    Victoria calmed me down by explaining the procedures, she always said, “whenever you
    have a question please call me, that is what I am here for, to reassure you that
    everything is going well, and, that you have no need to worry”
    As the weeks have gone by Victoria has proved her genuine concern and
    understanding towards us again and again, always guiding us in such an encouraging
    and kindly way. We are so thankful to her for all that she has done to make this ‘scary
    project’ bearable. We now count her as a personal friend, someone we would love to
    keep in contact with as we move to new pastures.
    -Aileen & David M.