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    My wife Anne and I had heard your advert on CFRB many times. So, as part of
    our due diligence we called and requested to see a representative. We did not expect to meet
    with such a highly energized, self-confident, and engaging personality named Mark. A
    good first impression was given at our front door. At our kitchen table the exuberance and pride
    he expressed for the company and the work he does on its behalf and its clients left no modesty
    or ambivalence about, or for, his purpose. “I am here to help you” We will get the job done”
    “We never stop.” were stated as he outlined the companies’ marketing scope, staffing, past sales
    made, strategy going forward, his years with the company and his relationship with you, all the
    while enjoying some laughter in between.. When Stephanie called from your office to follow up
    on Marks’ visit I assured her we would be going forward with Mark and Frank Leo and
    Associates. Subsequently, we met again to detail the listing and sign the necessary paperwork
    for which each and every item was explained before we initialed agreement and was reviewed
    when completed. Our first impression was enforced with his detailing. After our home was
    listed the market had gone soft and there was no response forthcoming and some concerning
    moments were encountered. Mark kept a consistent level of unbounded confidence, energy
    and communication throughout the period keeping us buoyed. Mark works in a disciplined and
    deliberative manner while paying keen attention to the details of paperwork, marketplace, and
    his clients interests. It has been a great pleasure having him as our representative. For Anne and
    I. Mark is a consummate professional who like fine wine will only improve with his aging. So
    refreshing to meet a young man with a unabashed self-confidence and dedicated to the service
    of his client. So, thank you Frank Leo, for creating an organization that embodies the
    competitive skill, spirit, and integrity of a Mark.