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    We are David and Laurie Coleman, and in early March we reached out to your brokerage to help us with the sale of our resort condo in Touchstone, on Lake Muskoka. Going into this process it was clear to us a resort property comes with many compromises, such as compulsory rental weeks, property management fees, and of course property taxes, to name a few. Regardless how beautiful our condo, and the surrounding property, this unique sale was going to have its challenges.
    When your agency sent Sylvia to meet with us, we immediately appreciated her humble, yet professional outlook. My wife is detail oriented and had numerous questions, all of which Sylvia handled with clear and thoughtful responses. Her skill at reading our needs and putting us at ease given her compassionate nature was a gift at a time in our lives when we already had numerous balls in the air. And then it got even better. After leaving our hopes in Sylvia’s hands it was clear she was already off and running. Specific showings were arranged within a week, a buyer came seven days later at a record price.
    While we initially adored Sylvia’s calming nature, our need for representation was obvious, and yet to gain our listing she never promised anything other than hard work, commitment to the process, and her assurance that we would be kept in the loop as things evolved. There was no over-valuing of the property, and the price was based on current market listings, and past sales. In the end she was the classic example of under-promising, and over-delivering. Clearly, she is a dedicated professional who has continued to evolve her craft to the point of being extraordinary.
    Frank, you’ve got a winner here. I can only hope you appreciate her as much as we do!
    David and Laurie.