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    Dear Mr. Frank Leo:
    When Mark walked thru the door and introduced himself and extended words to my brothers, for being there to support Lola, I liked him already. He took his time in explaining how your company worked, and the difference levels of advertising, and how you work as a team. He did not push us in anyway, he let us make our own decision regarding levels. He checked out the house and gave us a price that he thought was reasonable, but he said don’t be afraid to disagree. Truthfully, we did not know what we could get for the house because of the repairs, so we took his suggested price.
    He gave us advise about taking away the clutter, and it made such a difference that I did not want to move. HA, HA. My brothers asked questions and Mark knew his stuff, he answered honestly and elaborated so they would understand. You could not have a better person representing your company. He was a person down to earth. We joked and talk about our families, he made me feel very comfortable. The best of all, was he was able to get a great deal for my husband Richard who is in the hospital with a fractured hip and myself. Hold on to Mark, he is worth his weight in gold.
    I like your advertisements on TV that caught my eye, to call. I would not hesitate to pass on your name.
    With warm regards,