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    I would like express my greatest thanks to your associate, Sylvia.
    I first contacted Sylvia back in January 2022, with regards to selling my home in Pefferlaw On.
    Sylvia was referred to me from a friend that just had recent dealings with her.
    I’m a truck driver, and explained that I was not home much and wanted to sell my small home.
    Sylvia, was more than helpful and conveyed that would not be a problem.
    In fact, I was in Florida at the time and told her I most likely would not be able to meet. I told, Sylvia, where the key was and instructed her to do whatever she needed to do.
    Without hesitation, Sylvia, cleaned my place a little, arranged pictures to be taken and blitz my home in all the newspapers.
    We had already agreed on a listing price and for a week there were multiple upon multiple showings.
    Keep in mind I only had contact by phone, Sylvia performed her duties in a polite, friendly professional manner, as my agent.
    After a week, Sylvia, told me we had 12 offers. Some not so great but 2 or 3 that were beyond my expectations and I believe hers.
    I accepted the highest offer with no conditions and 60 day closing. This was above and beyond my hopes.
    I was so lucky to have Sylvia as my agent and grateful to being referred to her.
    Frank, Sylvia, is very motivated, smart, professional, courteous, has an answer or solution to any problem that may arise. You should be lucky to have such a person representing your firm in tge Real Estate industry. I know I was.
    Again, my greatest thank for the work and representation that Sylvia did on my behave.