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    I’ve been hearing your commercials on the radio for years, so when the time came for us to sell and buy a house, I convinced my wife to try your guaranteed home selling system. After all, you were advertising that : doing what you were preaching. And to keep doing this for that long, you must have been doing something right. However, I am naturally a skeptic, so since the first day we met you, I was looking for “the catch”. I am so glad to say that all my attempts to find it have failed.

    My first surprise came when you showed up in person. I honestly thought that you would delegate our not-that-expensive house to someone else on your team while you focused on more juicier houses in price ranges similar to what’s featured in your commercials. Once again, I am glad to have been wrong.

    From the pleasant personal meetings to the literally valuable staging advice, the process couldn’t have been smoother. This applies to everyone on your team: the office staff, the photographer and of course to Dorothy and yourself. At no time were we left in the dark or unsure of what was happening. Everything has been explained and presented crystal clear, and above all: everything made sense.

    With complete peace of mind and Dorothy’s help, we began our worry-free search for our dream home, before listing our old house. Without pressure of a looming closing date, we could carefully evaluate the properties that we wanted. It wasn’t long before Dorothy showed us one that just clicked: “that is it”.

    Now was time to sell, and see if everything that we had talked about would come true. And it did! You showed us centerfold adds with our house in magazines and newspapers, you featured our house on your website and on social media. For a week,
    multiple showings per day were being held, and that’s without any open-house events. Finally, after just a week of showings: 3 offers. We felt super excited, but tried to maintain a conservative outlook on the potential outcome.

    That was until the bidding started. With your expert advice, we had listed about $10k over any previous house sold on the street (which was already over what we had estimated). The bidding ended another $15k over asking. That’s $25k over what we had originally hoped for! On top of that, we got our ideal closing date to match the closing date on the new house we just bought, plus we got to keep all our conditional clauses that we wanted. We could not have been happier with the outcome.

    Yet your service did not stop there. Throughout the process, you have been sending us useful gifts, updates and checklists to help us through this time. Every one of them much appreciated. Last but not least, months after all house transactions have closed, you personally brought us a baby gift for our newborn. I am not kidding when I say: “I always wanted just that”.

    I definitely will (and already have) recommend you to all my family and friends. Any time I am in the car with someone, and your commercial comes on, I say: “I know that guy. He does what he promises, and he is great at it!”

    From our whole family, a huge: Thank you, Frank!