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    Dear Mark,
    When we decided to interview 3 prospective agents to list our deceased parent’s home, Frank Leo’s was one of the names that came to the forefront. At first, we were enamored with the numerous advertisements that we had seen and the most impressive endorsements by well-known TV celebrities Barbara Corcoran and Scott McGillivray (who both just happen to appear on shows my wife and I watch). Both are honest, smart and friendly people (at least on TV), so how could we go wrong with them as an endorsement. We will admit that the power of size, power and advertising did influence us to put you and Frank Leo as the front runner to list our parent’s house with.
    During our initial meeting, Mark had a most impressive presentation, walking us through the process of what he (and Frank Leo) would do for us if we chose to list our parent’s home with Frank Leo & Associates. Everything was covered from Marketing of the house, Pricing strategies, What to and not to do regarding fixing up the property and going over recent property sales in the area and current property listings in the area, everything from start to finish.
    Mark won us over and was very understanding knowing that both of our parents passed away in 2019. He gave us plenty of time to clean out the house, do some painting and make some minor repairs. He never rushed us and also had a good understanding knowing that because of Covid-19, there was a huge delay in processing our probate application which could affect the eventual closing date.
    We followed Mark’s advice regarding a pricing strategy to the letter. In the 6 days prior to the day we would field offers, 33 Agents/Buyers went through the property. On “Offer” day, 5 offers came in.
    We are all so very pleased with all of the help, assistance, guidance and reassurance that Mark has provided us with during this process. My wife and I have been through 2 sales and 3 purchases of our own home(s). This is the first Sale that either my sister or brother have been involved with and I appreciate all of Mark’s patience and advice while helping guide them through this highly emotional time.
    Thank you Mark from the bottom of our hearts for helping make this emotional transaction go so smoothly and seamlessly.
    We will not hesitate to recommend you and Frank Leo & Associates or refer you both to family and friends. You are both ultimate professionals!
    Thanks again and have a good weekend!