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    You did what I was beginning to think was the impossible – selling our townhouse. We had it on the market just a couple of months ago with another Realtor. It was up for 6 months and just wouldn’t sell. Our Realtor had every excuse in the book; the carpets aren’t new, you have kids, you have pets (2 dogs + 2 cats). By the end of the 6 months he was blaming everything under the sun. Bottom line, he just couldn’t sell it. When we requested advertising in any way he just had a mouthful of excuses why he wouldn’t do it. In 8 days a great deal was signed, sealed and delivered with you. The buy; What good is selling if you move into anything less than your dream home? When we sold; the ‘inventory’ of available houses in the location and price range for us was at the bare minimum. But you showed us The house the first time out. When we got there and found out after falling in love with it that there was already 2 other offers working on it and within the next couple of hours it would be sold to someone else you worked fast and used amazing negotiating skills and got it for us that afternoon. Now, we’re just 4 weeks away from moving in and we’re really anxious. A thousand thanks Frank for making our impossible task turn into the fulfillment of our dreams!
    – Anne.