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    I am writing to express my gratitude and to share my incredible experience with our realtor Katia Horne.
    Katia and I met through a mutual friend back when get together were still a natural occurrence. My husband and I had felt we saved up enough money for a down payment and were ready to start looking, Katia jumped into action and offered to take us on as clients. Our needs were quite different back then and I truly believe at one point in time Katia and I saw every single listing in Oshawa but couldn’t find the right house that met our needs and our budget. While it felt discouraging, I could always count on Katia to keep swinging, and to keep pushing forward.
    When the pandemic hit, I thought for sure we were goners and that our search for a home would be put on pause indefinitely. It wasn’t until our landlord gave us notice, that it threw us back into the search.
    Katia as always, was ready to rise to the occasion, and without hesitation had a list of properties for us to see, including one that I’d said I wouldn’t be interested in seeing – that property was a condo at 936 Glen St in Oshawa.
    I remember her exact words were, “now I know you don’t want a condo – but let’s just go see it”. Even arriving to the property and judging from the dated facade of the building I was determined not to like it, but my husband told me to keep an open mind.
    Once Katia opened the door to the condo, I could feel my eye widen like some sort of cartoon character, it was absolutely gorgeous – every room renovated to be modern and bright just how I like it. Katia had gotten to know me so well, she knew once I’d seen the interior I’d be sold, and I absolutely was.
    Today is our closing day, our boxes are packed and we’re ready to move into our first home this weekend. I can truly say that without Katia’s dedication, I absolutely would have given up and we never would have found this gem.
    She has been with us every step of the way, she always responds to her texts and email so quickly, she cares about my family asking about my son and our well-being every time we see each other, she works so hard to give her clients the best and it did not go unnoticed.
    We wanted to give Katia a huge thank you for making this such an memorable experience, she absolutely deserves to be recognized for going above and beyond for our family – we will never forget it.
    Thank you!
    Vivian and Brandon.