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    The Best Wallpapers to Use in 2022

    Just like the furniture and decorations in our homes, the wallpapers we choose can say a lot about who we are. If you’re looking to freshen up your home’s decor and add some personality, check out these popular styles:

    The Tangled Wallpaper:

    This wallpaper has become an international phenomenon after the success of the animated Disney movie, Tangled. The wallpaper features long lengths of yarn that are twisted and turned into lush grasses or flowers, making it irresistibly tactile. This option is also an eco-friendly choice!

    The Abstract Wallpaper:

    What is more contemporary than a simple abstract pattern? These eye-popping works of art are frequently made from bright colours and bold designs. Abstract wallpapers make rooms feel larger as they create the illusion of depth.

    The Watercolour Wallpaper:

    For those looking for a peaceful, serene backdrop for their home, watercolour wallpapers are an excellent choice. These beautiful images mimic the look of water colours and often feature scenes of nature or abstract designs.

    The Nautical Wallpaper:

    For those who love spending time outside by the sea, nautical wallpapers are the perfect backdrop for a room in your home. They bring back

    The New Bohemia Wallpaper:

    For those who want a more creative look to their homes, the New Bohemia style puts a fresh spin on traditional wallpapers. The option features bright colours and abstract shapes, adding some pizzazz to the home.

     Metallic Wallpaper:

    This wallpaper fuses old-world glamour with contemporary design trends. Choose from light metallic hues for a subtle shine or go all out with a darker skyline for an ornamental look.

    Floral Wallpaper:

    This trendy wallpaper is perfect for those who want some extra warmth in their decor. The option features floral patterns of all kinds, making it the ideal choice for traditional or contemporary homes alike.

    Monotone Wallpaper:

    This chic option is perfect for those who want to keep things simple. The wallpaper features a single colour of your choice, creating the feeling of one cohesive piece.

    Nursery Wallpaper:

    Not just for nurseries anymore, nursery wallpaper adds a sweet touch to homes of all kinds. Choose from colours that are soft and calming or go for bold hues.

    Cacti Wallpaper:

    This wallpaper brings a touch of the desert to your home, no matter where you live. The option features all kinds of cacti in vibrant shades of pink, purple, orange, and green.

    Sakura Wallpaper:

    For those who love the delicate look of flowers, sakura wallpaper is sure to catch your eye. The option features flowers in a stunning array of colours and designs.


    Wallpapers can add excitement and originality into your home and may help improve its valuation. If you are looking to buy or sell in Toronto or the GTA contact Frank Leo & Associates today.