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    Easy Tips to Keep a Dust-Free Home

    Dust is one of the most frustrating household chores, but luckily you can automate it to a certain extent with your new Roomba. Realistically, however, you still have to dust regularly. Although there are some factors that influence how often you should dust, the general rule of thumb is every week or two. Here’s what this breaks down to:

    Roomba Cleaning:

    Once a week, Roomba runs through each room and cleans the floor. If there’s visible dust on Roomba’s sensors, then it will run more frequently that week, but if not then you should dust as normal.

    Normal Cleaning:

    When you notice some dust on your furniture, clean it as usual with a duster, followed by a damp cloth for any stubborn stains. You can also use your vacuum to pick up larger particles.

    Casual Cleaning:

    If you notice dust building upon other surfaces around your home (window sills, shelves, etc) then you should clean these as well.

    If there’s an ongoing issue with dust (for example, you live down the street from a building site) then you should clean more often; something we’d recommend every other day.

    In general, those who have pets may want to dust more often as dander can build up quickly. In addition, those with allergies may want to clean more frequently as dust mites and other allergy-triggering substances float around the air.

    These are just some things to consider when wondering how often to dust. The right number of times will be different for each person, but there are some general guidelines on how often you should do it.

    Don’t forget to dust the highest places which can accumulate more dust. Also, try vacuuming your curtains or drapes at least every few months as they tend to gather more dust than other household fabrics.

    If your home is especially dusty, you may want to do it once a week or even more often. If it’s not, less frequent cleaning should suffice. On average though, most people only need to dust their homes once every month or so. Dusting at this rate will keep the air in


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