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    The Best Kitchen Countertop Materials of 2022

    Trendy Countertop Materials of 2022 What makes a good countertop in the kitchen? Some people prefer the look and feel of granite, while others may want LCD touchscreens integrated right into their counters. Whatever your preference is, you’ll find it here in 2022! The best material for kitchen countertops to be made out of in […]

    How Often Should you Dust your Home?

    Easy Tips to Keep a Dust-Free Home Dust is one of the most frustrating household chores, but luckily you can automate it to a certain extent with your new Roomba. Realistically, however, you still have to dust regularly. Although there are some factors that influence how often you should dust, the general rule of thumb […]

    The Best Bathroom Faucet Trends in 2022

    What are the Best Bathroom Faucet Trends in 2022? While it may seem like you have to search for new trends each year, especially when it comes to design, some trends stick around. The best bathroom faucets trends of 2022 will probably be inspired by current designs or past styles that have made a comeback. […]

    Choosing the Right Area Rug

    How to Choose the Right Area Rug for your Home So, you’ve decided to replace your worn-out carpet with an area rug. That’s great! Area rugs can really help pull a room together, but you need to make sure you get the right one. An area rug is a great alternative for carpets in rooms […]

    Discount Broker Or Selling Private – How Much Can You Save?

    Thinking of Selling Your Home Privately or with a Discount Broker? The potential advantages of selling privately or with a discount realtor make those options seem attractive, but there’s more to the story, especially in a seller’s market. Among the top reasons people choose alternative arrangements for a sale are the fees. While these fees […]

    What is the Commision Rate to Sell a Property?

    an image of two hand shaking with overlaid text reading "what is the commission rate to sell property" serving as the featred image for a Frank Leo and Associates blog on the same topic.

    Commission rate is a very important question to ask and everyone should be very conscious of it. But it is only one part of the very complex total sale process. The (fees) charged are negotiable so it is all dependent on what you get or what will be done for your fee. A wide range […]