Edmonton Eskimos Fans Share Nickname Ideas Following Name-change Announcement

They’ve been known as the Edmonton Eskimos since being admitted into the CFL, but over the past few years the team has been receiving criticism for the name. With the label “Eskimo” representing an outdated term for Inuk people, some believe that the name has an insensitive connotation which has no place in the name of a National sports team. 

The team has officially announced a name change, although what the new name will be has not yet been determined. This announcement comes on the heels of a similar story in Washington State, where the Washington Redskins have also decided to change the team’s name. 

Paul Almeida, CEO of Azorcan Sport, ran a poll on twitter with a list of potential names such as Empire, Elk, Explorers, and ElkiMoose. View the poll here.

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