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    As the Winter season takes over and temperatures start to drop, weather forecasts start to include the wind chill. The term is used often during Canada’s long and cold winters and residents either love, or love to hate the term. The term wind chill actually has some common myths and CBC News helps us break them down.

    The first myth is that some people believe there is no such thing as wind chill because it’s not a measured atmospheric condition. The term is actually a bit misleading but the principal behind it is definitely real. When humans are in cold environments, the body will continuously try to warm up a thin layer of air surrounding the skin. If wind speeds are high it will remove the layer of air on our skin which will cool us down faster.

    The second myth is that wind chill means it’s colder outside. If the forecast says the temperature is -19 C but feels like -26 C with wind chill, that means the temperature shouldn’t go past -19 C. This “feel like” temperature is not indicative of the actual temperature of -19 C. In other words, the “feel like” value refers to what you feel when air is exposed to your skin. 

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