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    Nowadays people drink pickle juice, smoothies, or raw eggs to cure a hangover, but researchers have just discovered an ancient ring that was meant to cure hangovers. Located in Israel the archaeologist found a gold and purple amethyst ring, The jewel was uncovered from the site of the Byzantine era’s largest known winery in the city of Yavne. 

    In a press release, archaeologist Amir Golanit explained the amethyst could have been worn to prevent the ill effects of drinking alcohol. He said “Many virtues have been attached to this gem,… Including the prevention of the side effect of drinking, the hangover.”

    The ancient ring was located just 150 metres away from the remains of a warehouse filled with a type of jar to store wine. They have dated the excavation site to approximately the 7th century around the end of the Byzantine era. The press release read “Gold rings inlaid with amethyst stone are known in the Roman world, and it is possible that the ring’s find belongs to the elites who lived in the city as early as the 3rd century CE,”

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