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    Scientists have found that sharks use the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate great distances across the oceans in the world. They compare it to a GPS but a natural version that may be found in other marine life too. 

    Researchers performed marine laboratory experiments with smaller sharks which confirmed their theories. The study was published earlier this month in the Current Biology journal. It also brought to light why sharks can travel seas and find their way back to either feed, breed, or give birth.

    One of the study authors Bryan Keller and a marine policy specialist said “You have sharks that can travel 20,000 kilometers and end up in the same spot.” This intrigued scientists and researchers because these creatures can perform long-distance migration with extreme precision.

    Researchers exposed 20 sharks to simulated magnetic conditions which aided them in their conclusion. They found that sharks started to swim north when magnetic cues made them think they were south of where they should’ve been. 

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